Greetings from the President

Our future will be an Age of Connectivity. Connectivity differs from convergence in that connectivity promotes influence and cooperation while simultaneously encouraging individuality.
In the coming age, universities must create new impact through encounters with entities across various sectors. They have crucial roles to play in society, extending beyond the solid walls of interdisciplinary research and tackling key social challenges.
The leaders we are in need of in the future are those who are equipped with the power of thinking, thereby being able to solve complex issues and suggest new paths, not only carrying out tasks that are given to them. Universities must now accept the end of knowledge transfer education. We must cultivate students who are able to gain expertise in new areas, rather than limiting them within a predictable scope.
Ajou students must be armed with the confidence that they can gain knowledge whenever they need it in different points in their lives, rather than with the confidence that they are already equipped with a wide range of knowledge. In other words, universities must produce 'good learners,' not those who are ‘learned. Enjoying the process of learning is not merely a wise old saying. "Learning and studying is indeed a pleasure" must become the greatest value in our education today.

I strongly hope Ajou students will gain awareness on growth and development during their college years, and utilize the powerful weapon of 'the joys of learning' that they have experienced here when facing various challenges in their lives after graduating.


Ajou is now ready to make innovations in various parts in its curriculum and research system to achieve new goals. I look forward to your continued support as well as warm words of advice.


President's Biography

Professional Background

President Biography
2018 ~ present President of Ajou University
2015 ~ 2018 Chair Professor of Mathematics, Ajou University
2015 ~ 2017 President of National Institute for Mathematical Sciences
2009 ~ 2015 Professor and Chair, Department of Mathematics, POSTECH
2004 ~ 2009 "Professor and Chair, School of Computational Sciences, Korea Institute for Advanced Study "
1995 ~ 2004 Professor, Dept. of Mathematics, Oakland University, USA


President Biography
1995 Ph.D. in Mathematics, University of California, Berkeley
1986 BS in Physics, Seoul National University

Professional Activities

President Biography
2017 ~ Present Chairman, Data Science Forum(The Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies)
2015 ~ 2018 Chairman, Organizing Committee for 2014 ICM(International Congress of Mathematicians)
2010 ~ 2015 Voting Member, Executive Committee of International Mathematical Union, Berlin, Germany


President Biography
2016 DI Mathematician Award(Korean Mathematical Society)
2015 Scientist of the Year Award(Korea Science Journalists Association)
2013 Korea's One Hundred Shining Stars in 10 Years(Dong-a daily)

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