Ajou University’s name bears an ambition to become

The best university in Asia in the
21st century when Asia becomes
the center of the world

Since its foundation, Ajou has pursued the following three
virtues as guiding principles:

“Respect for Humans”,
“Seeking Truth from Fact”, and
“One World, One Family”.

Respect for Humans (In-gan-jon-jung)

This means high self-esteem with the respect for others. It is the first principle that Ajou pursues through its research, education, and public service. It teaches us to connect ourselves to our neighborhoods, nation and to the world through respect and understanding, regarding a human being not as a tool, but as an ultimate goal or a value.

Seeking Truth from Fact (Sil-sa-gu-si)

Seeking truth from fact conveys the meaning that academic results should be useful in practice. It is Ajou’s most fundamental philosophy that seeking truth and academic research must be based on facts and their results should contribute to people’s welfare.

One World, One Family (Se-gye-il-ga)

This is a spirit that emphasizes that the entire world should move in harmony. We must break through the small barrier of the Korean Peninsula and advance to the world, and at the same time accept what’s coming from the outside. This is Ajou’s foremost principle in educating the youth.

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