Vision:World-Class University Spearheading Academic Convergence

Academic Excellence

  • Emphasis on customized professional education
  • Cultivation of global academic groups
  • Expansion of Humanities Education that foster global citizens
  • Intensification of research ability
  • Cultivation of outstanding faculty members and their competence
  • Emphasis on the social contribution of continuing education

Global Campus

  • Consolidation of global network
  • Construction of global campuses overseas
  • Globalization of academic and educational environment

Innovative System

  • Establishment of self-regulated responsible management system
  • Streamlining of administrative system
  • Construction of dynamic U campus
  • Expansion of campus, and education-research facilities

Fun Culture

  • Consolaidation of a sense of Ajou community
  • Expansion of culture creation and enjoyment
  • Spread of a sense of respect for diversity and honesty
  • Cultivation of university culture devoted to social services

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