Development & Growth (1981~1990)

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In 1981, Ajou Engineering College was raised to university status as Ajou University with three colleges, including Engineering, Business Administration and Humanities, and ten departments. A graduate school was set up during that same year together with three master’s programs in mechanical engineering, electronics, and chemical engineering. Doctoral programs were also created in the same departments a year later.

At the 10th anniversary of the University in 1983, Ajou Univer- sity established a ‘ten-year development plan’. This was the first general development plan envisaging a future

image of Ajou University. According to the plan, the College of Social Sciences was founded in 1985, College of Humanities and Natural Sciences were separated into two independent colleges in 1987, and College of Medicine was founded in 1988. These provided a steppingstone for the harmonious development of fundamental studies and applied sciences, which served as a growth engine for Ajou University.

In addition, Sungho Hall, Central Library, Songjae Hall, and the Institute of Industrial Education were also built to complete the appearance of a university. Special graduate schools, such as the Graduate School of Industry and the Graduate School of Business Administration, en- larged the university’s role and commitment to life-long education.

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