Leader of Global Asia (2001~Present)

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Ajou University set out a new vision of becoming a world-class university in commemoration of its 30th anniversary in 2003.

In order to achieve the new vision, it plans to implement eight specific missions: improving education quality and conditions, providing support for faculty research activities; improving working conditions of staff members; expanding support for students' activities and cultural events hosted by the university; promoting the efficient management of each college, medical center, affiliated institution; upgrading admission requirements and recruiting students with higher

academic performance by improving the university's performance in external evaluations; conforming to regulations and establishing order; establishing a channel with which members can efficiently suggest their opinions to the university.

To this end, Ajou University formulated its innovation strategies which include enhancing decentralization and autonomy, and introducing new evaluation criteria. Firstly, in an effort to enhance the decentralization and autonomy, the university will empower each college, graduate school, research institute and supporting institution to handle its own administrative process ranging from the establishment of strategies and management of human and financial resources to the implementation of evaluations. Secondly, it will fully adopt the new evaluation criteria as a means to facilitate and assess the implementation of decentralization and autonomy.

In conclusion, Ajou University will continue to exert all efforts to create new growth engines while being fully engaged in the main tasks of a university, research and education. In this way, it will nurture talented individuals who can play a leading role in the world and make a contribution to the community, country, and peace and welfare of the humanity in the end.

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