Professional Graduate Schools

Graduate School of Medicine(pdf Download)

Based on respect for human lives, in this rapidly changing health care environment, we aim to educate physicians with good character and the competence to be in charge of the next phase in Korean health care. Furthermore, they will be educated to be experts in various fields of the society and the next global leaders.

Medical Doctoral Program (MD)

The MD program is a 4-year program to train primary care physicians, which includes a variety of undergraduate basic and clinical science courses and clinical training program.

Medical Doctoral Program (MD)

The M.D/PhD joint program aims to produce medical scientists with scientific thinking, scientific research methodology, and the ability to make proper diagnoses through analysis. This is a special program of Ajou School of Medicine in which professional degree programs and academic degree programs are in conjunction. It will comprise around 10% of graduates among the total number of graduates from Ajou School of Medicine.

Graduate School of Law(pdf Download)

The Ajou Law School has established the following educational objectives in its pursuit of cultivating lawyers with sound professional ethics and expertise in legal dispute resolution:

  • - Lawyers Advocating Justice and Services
  • - Lawyers Promoting Creativity and Innovation
  • - Lawyers Displaying International Capability

Graduate School of Information and Communication

The Ajou Graduate School of Information and Communication (GSIC) was founded in September 1999 when it was named a participant of the BK21 information technology development program. The GSIC had special goals of education and research during the BK21 program to foster the specialized research, educational systems and programs essential to cultivate manpower in computer systems, information and communication, software and applied industries.As the missions were successfully completed, actual activities were merged and migrated into the Department of Computer Engineering in the Graduate School.

The GSIC now runs minimum activities including supervising Ph. D. students who enrolled during the BK21 program. Please refer to the website of the Department of Computer Engineering in the Graduate School for further information of research and educational activities.

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