Graduate School of Information and Communication
  • Educational Administration
  • Korean Language Education
  • Computer Education
  • Counseling Psychology
  • English Language Education
  • French Language Education
  • Mathematics Education
  • History Education
  • General Sociology Education
  • General Science Education
  • Continuing Education
  • Health Education
  • University Administrative Management
  • Special Education
  • Child Education
  • General Education/Teacher Training
  • e-Learning
  • Youth Education
  • Elementary English Language Education


Founded in 1995 with an aim for the cultivation of competent teachers and retraining of professional and special school teachers to respond to rapidly changing educational environment and new demand for education, the Graduate School of Education celebrated its 13th anniversary in 2008. The cultivation of sound teachers who are willing to take responsibility as its goal, the school has grown remarkably with 18 majors, 645 students, and some 1,134 graduates. The school offers a variety programs for various majors including educational administration, Korean language education, computer education, counseling Psychology, English language education, French language education, mathematics education, history education, general sociology education, general science education, continuing education, health education, university administrative management, special education, child education, general education/teacher training, e-Learning, youth education, elementary English language education.

Goal of Education

  • Division of Mechanical Engineering

    - cultivation of educators with the global mindsets who lead educational reform
  • Field-oriented educators

    - cultivation of educators who thrive in the field with practical education
  • Demand-oriented educators

    - cultivation of educators who take demands into consideration as best as possible
  • Information-oriented educators

    - cultivation of educators sensitive to the latest educational trends and information
  • Professionalism-oriented educators

    - cultivation of educators with expertise and professionalism
  • Development-oriented educators

    - cultivation of educators who continue to learn and expand their own teaching capacity
  • Love-oriented educators

    - cultivation of educators with love for education and humans

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