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ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) is a representative interdisciplinary discipline that needs to be converged with cutting-edge technologies in the fields of traffic, information, communication, and electronics for its maximum performance and effect by its nature. It means that traditional education with the separation of each professional field is bound to result in various problems and difficulties in building a right system. Accordingly, some advanced countries including the U.S. have strived to develop ITS professional education programs. The Ajou Graduate School of ITS was founded for the same purpose. As the school was named a government-sponsored training institution for civil servant by the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs in 2003, the school has firmly established itself as an educational institution for ITS professionals.

Goal of Education

The Ajou Graduate School of ITS is producing professionals with a wide-range of cutting-edge knowledge in ITS, a traffic system in the 21st century, and technological and working-level competence. It aims to foster professionals with working-level competence who can respond effectively to rapid technological development in the 21st century with a wide range of knowledge in related areas so that they can contribute to the development of ITS programs and various related projects and system management and operation for government institutions, research institutions, and private companies.

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