Graduate School of Information and Communication
  • Health Policy and Management
  • Epidemiology and Health Promotion
  • Safety Promotion and industrial health


The Ajou Graduate School of Public Health was established in 2004 after the approval by the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development in October 2003 as a result of social demand for public health in the local community, the passion of faculty with competence, and general public interest. Currently, the school consists of four majors including health policy and Management, epidemiology and health promotion, Safety Promotion and Industrial Health.

Goal of Education

The School of Public Health was established with an aim of providing consistent educational opportunities to public health personnel. The school stresses the cultivation of competent public health workers with leadership and creativity and professionals who play major roles in improving national and local health and welfare.

  1. First, it provides continuous educational opportunities for public health personnel to respond to changes in the public health environment.
  2. Second, it helps students to gain professional theories in public health and the capacity to conduct research independently.
  3. Third, it aims for the improvement of national and local health and welfare.

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