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Opened in March 1988, the Ajou School of Medicine celebrates its 20th anniversary this year and is geared to take a step further by opening the graduate medical school in 2009.

The Ajou School of Medicine and the Graduate School of Medicine aim to produce medical doctors and specialists who take an active role at the global level based on their medical and scientific knowledge and cultivate medical scientists who can predict new diagnosis, treatment, and disease based on their medical expertise and disease mechanism. Also, the schools aim to cultivate medical leaders in various fields and world-class medical professionals with visions. To this end, the Ajou Graduate School Medicine plans to operate the two programs described below.

MD Program (Mandatory Master's Program)

As a professional medical degree program for the cultivation of medical doctors, the 4-year program provides various mandatory courses including basic medical education, clinical medical education, and humanities and social sciences education the students should complete after their undergraduate work. The courses on humanities and social sciences are offered at various levels for the first time in Korea to maximize educational effects.

MD-PhD Program

The MD-PhD program aims to produce leaders in the BT industry with competence in medical knowledge, knowledge and skills in basic science based on their capacity to tackle disease through scientific mindsets, scientific research methodology, and scientific data analysis. As a specialized program that combines the professional degree program and academic degree program, the MD-PhD program expects to produce over 10 percent of the medical school graduates each year.


Integrated Basic Program

  • First semester of freshman year
  • 17 weeks in total
  • Morphology, Kinesiology

MD-PhD Program

The primary Missions of Ajou Graduate School of International Studies are:

  • Three semesters from second semester of freshman year to sophomore year
  • Knowledge in basic medicine and clinical medicine in terms of pathophysiology of major diseases of each organ and human body part and its application
  • Classified into 13 courses in each system, additional 3 courses, and general clinical medicine
    • - Integrated basic-clinical program (13 courses in each system)
      musculoskeletal system/digestive system/ endocrine system/ hermatology and oncology/ respiratory system/
      immunology and infection/ genital system/ head and neck and dermatology/ nervous system/growth and aging/
      bodily movement and mental health
    • - Others (three courses: PDS/ ICM/ health promotion and prevention
    • - General clinical medicine

Purposes and Goals of Education

Purpose of Education

The Ajou Medical School aims to cultivate medical professionals with character and the capacity to lead Korea's health care with respect for humans in a rapidly changing medical environment. Also, it trains students to lead the world in their professional fields.

Goals of Education

  • Medical professionals with social responsibility,
    professionalism, dignity and ethics required by society (Professionalism)
  • Medical professionals with medical knowledge, skills, and comprehensive problem-solving competence (Competence)
  • Medical professionals who are vowed to develop themselves and learn for their lifetime (Self-development)
  • Medical professionals who play leading roles in various professional fields in the world (Leadership)

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