All students staying in Korea for over 90 days MUST apply for the foreign registration within 90 days after entry and then the Alien Registration Card will be issued.

  • Application
  • Application Period

    • Within 90 days from the Arrival date
    • For foreigners who granted status or change of status at the time when such permissions were given Submitted Documents
  • Submitted Documents

    • Application
    • Passport
    • 2 Colored Photos(3.5cm x 4.5cm)
    • Certificate of Enrollment(D-2)
    • Free : KRW 30,000
  • Issuance of Foreign
    Registration Card
  • Submission of Application
    for Foreign Registration
  • At the Immigration Office or Branch Office Under
    Relevant Jurisdictions → Suwon Immigration offices

  • Registration as Foreigner affixed in the Passport

Required Documents 

  • Passport
  • One colored photo (3.5cm*4.5cm), white background and both ears shown
  • Application form for foreign registration (click here for download)
  • Certificate of Enrollment (issued at Ajou Service Center)
  • Certificate of Residence(domitory or off-campus)
  • TB test result for designated 19 nationals (Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Mongolia, Indonesia, India, Nepal, Vietnam, Thailand, Russia, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, China, Sri Lanka, East Timor, Kyrgyzstan, and Laos)
  • Fee : tax stamp KRW 30,000

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