Application Eligibility

  • Applicant
  • Period
      • Before carrying out the activity of different residence status together
    • Attached Documents

      • Application of Permission for engage in activities beyond the current visa status
      • Passport
      • Foreign Registration Card(if applicable)
      • Attached document per status
      • Fee : KRW 30,000
        (except for Fㆍ2 KRW 20,000)
  • Application of Permission of
    permission for engage in activities
    beyond the current visa status
  • Immigration Office

  • Examination
    • Permission
      • Permission for engage in activities beyond the current visa status affixed on the passport
      • Description on Foreign Registration Card
    • Rejection
      • Informing the cause

Application Eligibility

  • Overseas Study (D-2) visa holder who has being attended more than 1 semester (6 months)

    If the one's visa is transferred from another one to D-2, the period he/she took Korean language class on previous visa is added up to current 1 semester (6 months).
    e.g.) If one transferred his/her visa from D-4-4 to D-2 after finishing his/her 3 months' Korean language course, and the one has attended at a university more than 3 months, it is recognized as a semester (6 months).

  • Korean Language Training (D-4-4) visa holder who has being attended more than 6 months
  • Overseas Study (D-2) visa holder who is writing a thesis after finishing regular course (including master's course and doctor's course)

    However, a foreign student who wants to work temporarily as a member of a research project a temporary assistant instructor an assistant experimentation teacher at his/her university is not applicable to above period.

Required Documents 

  • Passport and foreign registration card
  • Application form for permission for engage in activities beyond the current status of stay
  • Integrated form for part time job (It should be signed by employer guidance professor the staff in charge of foreign students at a university)
  • Certificate of studentship
  • Fee : KRW 10,000 (Overseas Koreans(presenter of supporting document) is exempt from the fees

Activity limits

  • Within 20 hours for Monday through Friday in a school term, up to 2 workplaces
  • However, a foreign student can work without limit on legal holidays, Saturday, Sunday, and vacation

Allowed working field

  • Occupation acknowledged as having close ties with their major
  • An occupational category which has close ties with his/her major
  • Commonly allowed working field for students as translation? interpretation, a librarian sub-librarian, a school cleaner, a staff at a restaurant, an assistant office worker, a research student at a laboratory who is doing his/her schoolwork and research at the same time, temporary assistant instructor, an assistant experimentation teacher, etc.
  • Foreign language instructor at an educational institute as a private institute, etc. (the one must satisfy the necessary conditions to be a foreign language instructor)

    Private tutoring is prohibited by law regarding establishment and organization of an educational institute and extracurricular lesson

  • Other legal labor field
  • A salesperson, a clerk at a restaurant, an assistant at an event in an English Village or an English camp (other foreign language like Chinese, Japanese, etc. regarded camps are also available)

    It is allowed for one year in the range of period of stay (a student can apply for extension while attending at school)

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