Temporary absence from school

Student who will be temporary absent from school(휴학) must leave Korea within 30 days from the absence date. If students want to stay in Korea continuously, students need to get the permission for the change of proper status.

When students applied to be temporary absent from school, the visa will be expired automatically within 30 days from the absence date regardless of the original expired date of the current visa.

If student who is temporary absent from school keep staying in Korea after 30 days, student can be in the list of illegal immigrants.

In order to enter into Korea after the temporary absence from school and Korea, students should get a D-2 visa again. In case students keep staying in Korea with the other status permission, students should change visa type to D-2 again for studying

Completion of the study & Visa expiration

When students’ study has been completed, it will be reported to the immigration office and students should leave Korea within 30 days from the date of completion.

Even the valid period of sojourn is left, it will be expired within 30 days from the date of completion and students should change the visa for the proper status (e.g. employment, language study etc.) or should leave Korea within 30 days.

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