Health Insurance

Foreign students at Ajou University are required to have private medical insurance. To buy medical insurance, students can pay the insurance fee during the registration period (tuition payment period). If you need any advice or more information on medical insurance, simply visit OIA and check the coverage, limit, and terms and conditions with the OIA staff members or the student interns

National Health Insurance (국민건강보험)

National Health Insurance
  • Service Benefit : Health Care Benefits, Health Checkup
  • Cash Benefit : Refunding Allowance for Health Care,
    Compensation for Excessive Co-Payment,
    Appliance Expenses for the Disabled Payment
  • Cost: approx. 50,000 KRW/month
  • Students/Faculty having any spouse or children are recommended to purchase the national health insurance.
  • Required information
    • - Alien registration card
    • - Document to verify purpose of visit, the applicants income (if applicable) etc.
  • More information : contact the National Health Insurance Corporation at 1577-1000


Private Company Insurance

Private Company Insurance
  • Accident (Death & Physical Impediment) / Sickness / Rescuer's Expenses / Natural Disaster
  • Cost: approx. 75,000~80,000 KRW/6 months(semester period)
  • All degree students (undergraduate and graduate) will be asked to pay for the insurance fees during the registration period (tuition payment period). If the insurance payment is not completed, all degree students will not be able to register for the semester. Exchange students can apply for the insurance individually during the designated periods (instruction given in the beginning of the semester)


Inbound Insurance Warrnty Scope


Ajou University Hospital

When students are diagnosed with severe diseases, students are welcomed to visit Ajou University Hospital, and receive services from the International Health Care Center. Ajou University Hospital is located on campus.

Regular Health Check Up

The Campus Regular Health Check up is open to Korean students and degree-seeking international students, excluding exchange students from Ajou's partner universities. It conducts annual health check-ups, and provides consultations, diagnosis certifications, and prescriptions. Students must possess an Ajou Student ID Card in order to receive medical treatment. Normally medical check-ups are held in early May, and special notices are announced to all international students.

Location : Ajou Well-Being Center


Infirmary and On-Campus Doctor Service

If you have minor health problems (e.g. winter flu, sore throat, and minor cuts), you can visit the infirmary where you can receive free medications and also receive doctor services once a week during semester periods.

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