1) What are the international students’ visa types?

Visa Types
Visa Types Reference
D-2 Study Abroad :
for Bachelor/Master/Doctoral degree students
D-4 General Training :
for Korean Language Institute students

2) What kinds of documents are required for applying for a D-2 visa?

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3) What kinds of documents are required for applying for D-4 visa?

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4) What are the required documents for visa extension?

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4) What documents should I prepare in advance for the admission application?

It is mandatorily required for all new international students (freshmen, undergraduates) to reside at the University Dormitory for one year from the entry semester.

All new students (undergraduates and postgraduates) are informed by their respective program departments (normally information is included in the Admission Package)

For more information on Accommodation, please visit here.

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