Ajou International Summer School 2013
July 2 ~ August 6, 2013

Ajou International Summer School


** The Ajou International Summer School will be temporarily closed in 2018 and will be re-open in 2019. **

Ajou University, a leading research university in Korea, welcomes international exchange students and individual applicants to Ajou International Summer School (AISS), a comprehensive short-term study abroad package for studies, cultural workshops, trips and social activities. It offers an unique opportunity for international students to experience Korean culture and tradition while taking courses during the summer.


AISS will be 4-week international summer school in the field of Korean Studies, Asian studies, International Studies and Business Administration taught in English. In addition to courses offered with transferable credits, there are also special social and cultural activities, language programs, and other exciting events for students to learn about Korean culture during the summer vacation. A three-day field trip to Jeju Island (World Heritage) is offered to all participants prior to the official start of the program. This allows the multinational students to experience Korean nature and culture while building close friendships. AISS also provides a weekly Korean Culture Workshop where all students can learn Taekwondo (Korean martial art), traditional music, paper art and pottery making in the morning, and visit global Korean companies or historical and cultural sites in Korea in the afternoon.


The highlight of Ajou International Summer School is the global feature of participating students (1/3 from America, 1/3 from Europe, and 1/3 from Asia-Pacific region), the diversity of excellent faculty members from both Ajou University and its overseas partner universities, and most of all, supportive and friendly Korean participants from Ajou University. About 100 international students from over 20 countries participate in Ajou International Summer School annually.


We try our best to make our summer program unforgettable. To guarantee the quality of the program, we maintain a good number of participants and try to welcome students from many countries around the world.


So are you ready to seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity? Are you ready to meet friends from all over the world, to place yourself in a dynamic multi-cultural environment, and grow into a mature global citizen?


Welcome to Ajou International Summer School!


빠른 이동 메뉴

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