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Ajou University is set to receive 3 billion won over next .. 2019-07-30 3638
Ajou University has been selected as an "Innovation Leading University for the Fourth Industrial Revolution."The Innovation Leading University for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Project, which is being carried out by the Ministry of Education an..
2019 Asian Association of Schools of Pharmacy (AASP) Confe.. 2019-07-30 3450
The 2019 AASP Conference, which was held at Ajou University from July 3rd to the 5th, discussed the direction of pharmacy education and the fostering of pharmacists in Asia. The Conference, which was co-hosted by the Korean Society of Pharmace..
Ajou University President Hyung Ju Park gives a keynote sp.. 2019-07-30 3375
President Park stressed the importance of 'project-based learning,' saying "One first-hand experience is better than repeated observations of others doing something," and mentioned Ajou University's Paran Semester Project as ..
Paran Ladder Program is launched with 1,220 students from .. 2019-07-30 3060
The ceremony to launch the second Paran Ladder Program, which provides overseas training opportunities to students in difficult financial conditions, was held on June 26th in K Art Hall in Seoul, with participating students and officials from the ..
Ajou University and China's Rizhao City agree to pursue ex.. 2019-07-30 3085
Ajou University and China's Rizhao City agreed to pursue extensive cooperation, including on education. Rizhao City, which is located in Shandong Province, China, is geographically close to South Korea and is seeking to build a close relations..
Ajou University grants an honorary doctorate in engineerin.. 2019-07-30 3241
Ajou University granted an honorary doctorate in engineering to Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) CEO Mohamed Al Hammadi. The ceremony, which was held on May 23rd in Yulgok Hall, was attended by Ajou University President Hyung Ju Park..
Ajou University holds the 10th University Ranking Forum of.. 2019-05-28 5277
2019-05-17   Ajou University held the 10th University Ranking Forum of Korea to explore ways to raise university competitiveness.The Forum was held on May 17th under the theme "University Rankings and the Competitiveness of Universi..
Ajou University releases "Ajou Vision 4.0" guiding the nex.. 2019-05-28 5333
2019-04-10     Ajou University held a ceremony to announce Vision 4.0, its mid-/long-term development plan that includes its future educational directions and philosophy.The ceremony was held on April 10th at the University's ou..
Ajou University Professor Suk Won Lee leads the Organizing.. 2019-03-28 6688
Ajou University Professor Suk Won Lee (Department of Software) was appointed as the Organizing Committee Chairman of IEEE RE’19. The 27th IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference (RE’19) is scheduled to be held from September 23rd..
Government support is extended for Ajou's Software Special.. 2019-03-28 5790
Government support has been extended for Ajou's Software Specialized University Project Group (SSUPG).   Ajou University, which has carried out the first and second stages of the Project over the past four years since 2015, will continu..

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