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[16.12.12] Ajou's Graduate School of International Studies.. 2016-12-21 5053
< Director Lemecha of the Ethiopian Government's Procurement Office (2005 Ajou graduate) gives a presentation on his experience. >Ajou University's Graduate School of International Studies held a six-day, five-night event from December 5th to the 10..
[16.12.09] Student team from Ajou’s College of Business A.. 2016-12-21 4893
Team WM103 consisting of two graduate students and an undergraduate from Ajou University won the First Prize at the ‘Research Paper Contest for Business Innovation’ hosted by KMAC.The three members of Team WM103 are Seong Geun Kim and Min Cheol Shin (gr..
[16.12.09] The second graduation ceremony is held for the .. 2016-12-21 4544
On the morning of December 9th, the second graduation ceremony was held for the Key Leaders Education Program for Suwon City officials in Ajou University's Jonghap Hall. The Suwon Municipal Government commissioned the University's Graduate School of Publi..
[16.12.08] Ajou holds the ‘Exciting Unification Talk’ ev.. 2016-12-21 4860
Ajou University held the ‘Exciting Unification Talk’ event on December 6th in Yulgok Hall’s Video Conference Room. The event consisted of lectures, quizzes, and a performance by an invited musician and helped to communicate unification at young people..
[16.12.07] Ajou's team led by Professor Hae Young Suh Kim .. 2016-12-14 5637
< President & CEO Kwan Sun Lee of Hanmi Pharmaceutical and Ajou University President Dong Yeon Kim (from left in the above picture) pose for a picture after signing the agreement. >Ajou University and Hanmi Pharmaceutical signed an agreement on ..
[16.12.06] Ajou's second Paran Semester concludes with a p.. 2016-12-14 5182
The second event to present the achievements of 'Paran Semester – Ajou Creative Activity Program' was held on the afternoon of December 6th in Dasan Hall Auditorium. The event was attended by students participating in Paran Semester, their guiding profes..
[16.12.02] The 2016 Presentation of Ajou Hidden Champions .. 2016-12-09 5386
The 2016 Presentation of Ajou Hidden Champions was held at 6 p.m. on December 1st in Woncheon Hall Auditorium at Ajou University.'Ajou Hidden Champions' refers to the strong and competitive companies that are smaller than large conglomerates and discovere..
[16.12.02] Student and graduate from Ajou's Department of .. 2016-12-09 5520
Gyu Woong Kim from Ajou University Graduate School's Department of Industrial Engineering received the Excellence Award – The President of the Korean Institute of Industrial Engineers (KIIE) Award – in the '5th Contest for Industrial Convergence Promoti..
[16.12.01] Ajou's education program on business startup is.. 2016-12-08 5969
Ajou University received a Letter of Commendation from the Korean Council for University Education and the Presidential Committee on the Young Generation after its program was chosen as a best practice in the '2016 University Career Development Education...
[16.12.01] Ajou is selected by the Small and Medium Busine.. 2016-12-08 5631
Ajou was selected by the Small and Medium Business Administration (SMBA) as the only operator of the Creative Factory Project. In late October, SMBA announced that it was selecting the institution to operate the Project.The first phase of the Project conc..

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