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[17.6.9] Ajou University holds the third Paran Semester presentations
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The third event to present the achievements of Paran Semester was held on the afternoon of June 8th in Ajou University's Dasan Hall Auditorium. The event was attended by students participating in Paran Semester for the spring semester of the 2017 academic year, their guiding professors, and other students.

Prior to the main event, the student participants displayed and explained their task achievements on the ground floor of Dasan Hall. This was then followed by a video on Paran Semester, presentations by 16 teams on their respective tasks, speeches to encourage the students by former Ajou University President Dong Yeon Kim, Gyeonggi Provincial Governor Kyung Pil Nam, Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs Hee Sug Ryu, and Professor Man Yop Han (Department of Civil System Engineering), a summarized evaluation by a judge (Professor Kyung Ran Kang of the Department of Software), and the presentation of awards. Sang Hyeon Kim (Department of e-Business), who participated in last year's Paran Semester, served as the M.C.

The presented awards included the Innovator Award, the Pioneer Award, the Pilot Award, the Turning Point Award, The Eye-catcher Award (special award), the Star of Tomorrow Award, the Zero to One Award, the Golden Failure Award, and the Great Sailor Award. The Great Sailor Award and two million won in prize money went to Team Owl Pictures, whose task was to produce and distribute movies and host a university student film festival. The prize money for the team came from the donation by Professor Man Yop Han.

Thirty-two teams of 139 students participated in the third Paran Semester – Ajou Creative Activity Program. Guiding professors and experts from outside the University served as advisors to the students and the University checked their progress through interim and final reports submitted by the students.

The event was joined by Deputy Prime Minister and former Ajou University President Dong Yeon Kim and Gyeonggi Provincial Governor Kyung Pil Nam. Deputy Prime Minister Kim presented two million won in scholarship funds and offered encouragement to the Paran Semester participants.

He said, "I hope that our students do not spend their time only on studying and finding jobs. Instead, I ask you to enjoy your current life and be happy every moment," adding, "I expect you to confront the challenges you face in pursuing your own dream."

Students should design programs on their own to apply for Paran Semester and receive 3-18 regular credits if the tasks are successfully completed. There is no limitation of the areas in which students may design their tasks, i.e., the humanities, culture and arts, community services, globalization, and industry-academia cooperation. It is also possible to choose or revise programs from among those suggested by the University or professors.

The tasks of the 'Paran Semester' participants for this semester include Developing an Autonomous Vehicle, Developing a Safety Alarm Device to Prevent Lonely Deaths among Senior Citizens Living Alone, Hosting a Short Film Festival for University Students, Producing a Game That Helps People Learn about Psychology, and Developing One-touch Applications to Receive Citizens' Requests.

Award-winning teams for the spring semester of the 2017 Academic Year are as follows:

▲ The Great Sailor Award: Owl Pictures
▲ The Golden Failure Award: Pudong
▲ The Zero to One Award: Panorama
▲ The Star of Tomorrow Award: Shinabro
▲ The Turning Point Award: AMaDo, Freedom
▲ The Pilot Award: NO!SE, Blue Ocean
▲ The Pioneer Award: Imagination, Smunalbi, White Cane, E.S.I.A, SFAC UP
▲ The Innovator Award: ave the africa, TT, Drone Dreamers, Lemon, Spring Costume, SIAO UNNIEZ, Superlazy
▲The Eye-catcher Award (special award): Blue Ocean

< Former President Dong Yeon Kim delivers his words of encouragement. >

< Gyeonggi Provincial Governor Kyung Pil Nam delivers his words of encouragement. >

< Members of Owl Pictures, who received the Great Sailor Award, and Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs Hee Sug Ryu pose for a picture. >

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