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[17.9.29] Ajou agrees with China's Wuxi City to run a program for transferring Chinese students
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Ajou University is set to launch the Wuxi-Ajou Frontier (WAF) Program with Wuxi Professional College of Science and Technology in China. Under WAF, local students can transfer to Ajou University after learning the Korean language.

On September 22nd, a delegation from Ajou University, including Chairman Ho Seok Choo of the Daewoo Educational Foundation and Acting President Hee Sug Ryu, visited Wuxi City and agreed on the WAF Program with the relevant city officials and the president of the College.

Under WAF, about 20 students from the College will pursue undergraduate and graduate courses at Ajou University after learning the Korean language. The Korean language education is scheduled to begin in January 2018 and the students may transfer to Ajou's undergraduate course as early as the fall semester in 2018.

Ajou University and Wuxi have maintained a friendly relationship based on a mutual agreement signed in 2014. In 2015 alone, the University held three events in Wuxi to explain how to enter the University with the support of the Wuxi Municipal Government. In 2016, a delegation from Wuxi, including Mayor Wang Quan, visited the University and the University Hospital and discussed various programs, such as arranging scholarships for faculty members of Wuxi Professional College of Science and Technology so that they can pursue doctoral degrees at Ajou, promoting student transfers from the College, and exchanging advanced medical technologies with the University Hospital.

Such exchanges led to the scheduled launch of the WAF Program. In addition, two faculty members from the College entered the University's doctoral course in September.

With the latest WAF agreement, Ajou University expects to steadily attract talented students from China and produce further results in the medical industry, etc., through continued cooperation with Wuxi City.

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