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Ajou People participate in the Suwon Citizens Forest Project in Mongolia
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Members of the Ajou University community, or Ajou people, participated in the Suwon Citizens Forest Project held in Mongolia and planted 500 pine trees. The Project, which began in 2011 under the initiative of the Suwon Municipal Government, aims to stop desertification and reduce yellow dust in Mongolia.
The event, which was held from May 17th to the 21st in Erdene Soum, was attended by officials from Suwon City and the Mongolian city of Nalaikh, local citizens, and 70 Ajou people, including Dean Heung Sik Kim of the Graduate School of Public Affairs, Vice President for Student Affairs Suni Lee, Professor Sang Sin Lee from the Department of Korean Language and Literature, Professor Yoo Shik Gong from the Department of Sociology, Professor Jong Sik Kim from the Department of History, and students from the Graduate School of Public Affairs, the College of Humanities,  and the College of Social Sciences. 
Suwon City plans to create a forest over the next decade by planting 100,000 trees – 10,000 per year – and build an irrigation system for the effective management of the forest. The Project is based on an agreement signed with the Mongolian Government to create a forest in Mongolia, which is a country from which yellow dust is believed to originate.
In addition, Ajou people donated stationery and discussed bilateral exchanges and cooperation during their visit to Ulaanbaatar University.
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