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Ajou University President Hyung Ju Park releases a book entitled "Learn, Think, and Be Connected"
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Ajou University President Hyung Ju Park releases a book entitled "Learn, Think, and Be Connected: How to Improve the Power of Thinking." In the book, President Park explains the abilities that are needed in this new era and provides his insights into education based on his experiences as a mathematician and educator.

He says that it is becoming more important to develop the abilities to ask significant questions and to find necessary solutions in consideration of future trends, rather than to simply build knowledge. Thus, the 'power of thinking' should be given higher priority than the 'amount of knowledge,' he states.

He goes on to say that it is necessary for education to help students identify the essence of issues and develop their ability to learn ad hoc. Therefore, he insists that there should be extensive reforms in the general educational system and the education authority should not exclude difficult subjects from the curriculum, but consider how to teach them in a more interesting way.

"Let us allow children to solve a smaller number of mathematical questions in a longer time. They will develop the ability to think deeply in the course of working on the questions, which is similar to the process of addressing problems they will face at work in the future. The education of passing knowledge on to children does not make sense anymore, and it is high time to give them opportunities to think and train themselves."

- An excerpt from President Hyung Ju Park's book "Learn, Think, and Be Connected" -

In addition, President Park introduces readers to the educational systems of other countries like Kenya, France, Finland, India, Russia, and Uruguay, and offers a range of people and topics as examples in his book, including Bob Dylan, Florence Nightingale, Salvador Dalí, and AlphaGo.

President Hyeong Ju Park graduated from the Department of Physics at Seoul National University and earned his doctoral degree in mathematics from the University of California, Berkeley, in the U.S. He then joined Ajou University in 2015 as an Endowed Chair Professor in the Department of Mathematics after working as a professor at Auckland University in the U.S., the Korea Institute for Advanced Study under KAIST, and Postech. He also served as the President of the National Institute for Mathematical Sciences. He took office as the 16th President of Ajou University last February and has authored three other books, entitled "How Mathematics Respond to the Incomplete World," "Mathematicians Who I Loved," and "The Origin."

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