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[Suwon Center for International Cooperation] Korean Class Recruiting Students
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We are recruiting students of foreign residents of Suwon City for Korean class and cultural exchanges such as Korean cultural experience


1. For: 42 foreign residents of Suwon City ( Beginner 15, Elementary 15, Intermediate 12)

2. Qualification

- As foreign residents of Suwon City, and One who lives in Suwon and is able to take courses until the end of class.

- One who is able to do activities such as taking supplementary classes and  speaking practice sessions with Korean buddy.

  * Prior: Working residents of Suwon City

3. Location: Suwon Center for International Cooperation Lecture Room (6F, Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation)

4. Recruiting period: Aug 7(Mon) ~ Aug 25(Fri), 2017

5. Enrollment: Please download the application form from the attached file, and submit the filled out form to (     *First come, first served

6. Recruiting result: Via E-mail on Aug 28(Mon), 2017

7. Advantages

  1) Operating Korean buddy program

    - Chance to study with Korean students

    - Experiencing Korean culture and getting guidelines for life in Korea

  2) Providing programs for experiencing Korean culture

 3) Issue the certificate: the one who attends more than 70%

8. Contacts

  - Phone number: 031-248-9395

  - E-mail:


Attached Files

1. Application Form

2. Application Guide Book(English)





  1. 招生人数:42人(入门15人,初级15人,中级12人)

  2. 申请条件




  3. 上课地点:水源市国际交流中心教室(京畿道文化财团6楼)

  4. 报名时间:2017.08.07.~08.25.

  5. 申请方法:下载并填写申请书,发送至邮箱*按邮件发送顺序选拔

  6. 发布结果:828日邮件通知

  7. 优惠政策






  8. 联系方式





  1. 申请书

  2. 招生简章(英文)

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