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Ajou University Coronavirus Response Measures 2nd announcement (as of February 7th, 2020)
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Ajou University Coronavirus Response Measures

(as of February 7th, 2020)


There are high concerns at home and abroad about the spread of new coronavirus infections. In response, Ajou University has formed a management committee for infectious diseases and is focusing its efforts on emergency response.


To prevent the spread of infectious diseases, the Infectious Diseases Management Committee advised to take the following actions:


  • 2 weeks of postponement of the Spring 2020 semester:

      March 2nd (month) March 16th (month)

  • suspension of the Spring 2020 China program


As previously informed, major events scheduled for February, including the entrance ceremony, graduation ceremony and orientation for freshmen, have been canceled. Changes in academic calendar and countermeasures will be followed shortly.


Also, students, faculty and staff members who have recently visited China should immediately notify the school and ask for self-isolation (stop school) for 14 days after arrival. If you experience fever and respiratory symptoms (such as cough, phlegm, sore throat, etc.) within 14 days of your visit to China, please report them to the health authorities and the school.


To prevent the spread of infectious diseases, please refrain from visiting overseas as much as possible. We recommend that members who have recently visited the area refrain from outside activities since there have been cases of infections not only in China but also in Southeast Asian countries.


Also, please be careful to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings about international students and faculty members as well as China. Foreign students and faculty members should cooperate closely with the school's actions regarding health conditions and identification of movements, etc.


Ajou University operates a regular emergency contact system with related agencies, including university offices, health clinics, Yeongtong-gu health centers and the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Ajou University will keep all Ajou community informed of the university's response through the homepage.



February 7th, 2020

Ajou University

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