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Spring 2019 Application Schedule

Fall 2013 Applicatin Schedule
Classification Period
Reception of application

1. 1st Sessoin : 2018.10.18.(Thu) 09:00 ~ 2018.10.31.(Wed) 17:00

[Document Submission : By 2018.11.01(Thu) 17:00]


2. 2nd Session : 2018.12.07.(Fri) 09:00 ~ 2018.12.20.(Thu) 17:00

[Document Submission : By 2018.12.21(Fri) 17:00]



1. 1st Sessoin : 2018.11.07(Wed) ~ 11.16(Fri)

2. 2nd Session : 2018.12.28.(Fri) ~ 2019.01.10(Thu)


Announcement of successful applicants

1. 1st Sessoin : 2018.12.06.(Thu)

2. 2nd Session : 2019.01.24.(Thu)



1. 1st Sessoin : 2019.01.14.(Mon)~2019.01.16(Wed)

2. 2nd Session : 2019.01.28.(Mon)~2019.01.30(Wed)

Application Procedure

Procedure Details

Check the Degree Program and Recruiting Department

· Check the information about the degree program, recruiting department and whether English classes can be offered or not from the graduate school website.

· Pre-contact with a professor at Ajou University is recommended, not mandatory, except for the applicants for Department of Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Eletrical and Computer Engineering, Computer Engineering, Digital Media, Space Electronics and Information, Life Media, Medical Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Pharmacy, Energy System Research, Education, Data Science.

· Inquiries into educational programs of recruiting departments and majors : e-mail to the Chief of Department or Head Professor. 

· Inquiries on admission procedure and administration :

Online application and Submission of Required Documents

· Online application is through the banner of the pop-up window. It will only be accessible during the application period.



· After completing the online application, you can print out the application form for admission. The signature of Financial supporter is necessary on the application form.

· Submit the required documents to the Graduate School office(Yulgok Hall #305) in person or by post before the deadline for submission.

Screening, Interview and Evaluation by the Department

· Students are selected by the evaluation of their documents and interveiw.

· After examination of documents, each department will decide on the type of interview(telephone, e-mail or in person) and contact the applicants individually.

· Each department will conduct interviews. For inquiries about interviews, contact each depeartment office directly.

· The evaluation is conducted by the screening committee of each department and the Board of the Graduate School. 

Announcement of Successful Applicants

· The list of successful candidates and notification of admitted students will be posted on the graduate school website on the date of announcement. Check the admission notice menu on that day.

Submission of Health Checkup and Issuance of Certificate of Admission

· The graduate school will send an e-mail to successful applicants to check their address.

· We, graduate school, will send the admission package including certificate of admission and notice for successful candidates through e-mail to the admitted students, individually.

· After checking the address, the successful candidates can get the original documents for visa issuance by post.


· Pay tuition fees and insurance fees within the registration period(only available during banking hours within the designated period[Nationwide branches of Standard Chartered Bank, 09:30~16:30]).

· If the admitted students does not pay the tuition fees during the designated period, the admission will be cancelled.

· Only admitted students who live in foreign countries can postpone the payment of tuition fees because we don't accept remittance from other countries. In that case, students must submit the application form for postponing payment to the Graduate School office by email. If they do not submit the form, the admission will be cancelled.

Application for Visa Issuance

· Applicants who are abroad and required to get a new visa for studying in Korea : Submit the application form for postponing payment. The Graduate School will send the original admission package to their countries by post. Applicants can apply for issuance of a D2 student visa at the Korean Embassy in their countries. To get the information on issuance of visa, contact and get confirmation from the Korean Embassy in your country. After getting the student visa, enter Korea on the schedule of dormitory opening.

· Applicants who are in Korea and required to extend or change the visa type to D2 : After paying tuition fees during registration period, Submit the required documents for Visa extension or Change of Visa to the Graduate school office(Yulgok Hall #305). Required documents for visa extension or change will be noticed through an e-mail directly and individually. We, graduate school, will handle the application for visa extension or change instead of you by visiting the immigration office.

· For more detailed information about visas, refer to the e-governemnt homepage for Foreigners( or call the immigration office call center (Tel:1345).

Course Registration and Preparation for Semester

· Dormitory Application is through the dormitory website ( during the designated period.

· Student ID numbers will be posted on the Graduate school Website at the beginning of semester.

· Make an web ID at the AIMS portal website( and apply for student ID card with the consent to the use of personal information.

· Course Registration is through the AIMS portal website.

· After entering Korea, applicants for postponing payment should pay tuition fees within the designated period at Standard Chartered Bank.

· Get your student ID card from the department office at the end of the February, 2018.

· Attend the orientation for newcoming foreign students.

· Alien Registration : Apply for alien registration by visiting Suwon Immigration Center in person or participating in the on-campus immigration service within 90 days from the arrival date.  When the nationals of the high TB-burden countries live in one of the countries and apply for a long term visa at a diplomatic mission, you should submit the “Certificate of Health” including TB test result. When you apply for alien registration, submission of TB test is exempted.


※ Direction to Yeongtong Public Health Center

1) Yeongtong Public Health Center : 961-18, Yeongtong-dong, Yeongtong-Gu, Suwon (Tel : 031-228-8715)

2) Service hours : 09:00 ~ 12:00, 13:00 ~ 18:00

2) Transportation : ① Take a bus in front of Ajou University main gate(Bus No.:720-1), and get off at the Beop Won Ga Sa Gwa(법원가사과)/Dong Su Won Deung Gi So(동수원등기소) ② If you take a taxi, it takes about 20 minutes and fare will be around 9,000 KRW.

3) Things to Bring :① Passport or Alien Registration Card ② 1 Color Photo(white background, 3cm*4cm) ③ Certificate of Admission or Certificate of Enrollment

4) Processing Period : 2 ~ 3 days to get the result

5) Fees : Students from designated 16 countries-2,000 KRW / Other Countries-6,000 KRW


※ Designated 19 countries : Nepal, Russia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan, India, Indonesia, China, Cambodia, Thailand, Pakistan, the Philippines, East Timor, Kyrgyzstan and Laos

Application Information

  • Application Period : Spring Semester : April ~ June
    Fall Semester : October ~ December
    Detailed Schedule will be noticed around April and October.
  • Place for submission of required documents : Graduate School Office (Yulgok Hall No.305)
  • Application Fee : Exempt
  • Submission Method : In person or by post
    • - Applications sent by post must be received before the deadline
    •   (1st : By 2018.11.01(Thu) 17:00 / 2nd : By 2018.12.21(Fri) 17:00)
    • - 16499 AJOU GRADUATE SCHOOL, No.305, Yulgok hall 3th floor, 206, World cup-ro, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
    • Interview
  • Time & Date : 1st 2018.11.07(Wed) ~ 11.16(Fri) / 2nd 2018.12.28.(Fri) ~ 2019.01.10(Thu)
    • ※ Interview schedule will vary depending on the department. Please contact the office of department to arrange
      the interview
  • Place : Site designated by each department
    • ※ official announcement to be made on the graduate school’s homepage
    • ※ Interviewees should arrive 20 minutes prior to their appointment to receive the relevant information.



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