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[Notice]Registration Period for Students who have completed all required courses for Fall 2019
Writer 김규리 Date 2019-08-08 Hit 9157

Registration Period for Students who have completed all required courses for Fall, 2019

(Research Registration / School register maintenance registration)


1. Registration for Students who have completed all required courses, but not thesis

- Students for Research registration & school register maintenance registration are classified according to the admission year and the purpose of registration.

- The Fee for Research Registration & School Registeter maintenance registration is not a subject for scholarship. Students who paid for research registration & School register maintenance registration will not receive any scholarship from school.

 a. Applicants for Research Registration

- Among those who newly entered in and after 2014, All students who have completed all required courses, but not thesis.

- Among those who newly entered before 2013, Students who scheduled to submit the thesis for degree or expect to graduate in Fall semester, 2019  

b. Applicants for School Register Maintenance Registration

- Among those who newly entered from 2008 to 2013, Students who have completed the required courses and not related to target of Research registration.

- Among those who have completed all required courses, but not thesis, Student who do not apply for research registration during the desginated period for research registration can get a tuition bill with School register maintenance registration automatically(without any other application process). 

2. Application for Change of Registration

- Only in case of mistaken payment(registration), students can apply for change of registration between Research Registration and School Register Maintenance Registration until 1/2 of class days for the Fall semester. (until Oct 25th(Fri), 2019)

- If students have the reason for change of registration, please contact the office of Graduate school ( , by email.

- In the e-mail, these contents should be included : Name / Student ID No. /  How to change (from Research registration to School register maintenance registration OR from School Register Maintenance Registration to Research Registration) / The reason of change for registration) 

3. Application for Research Registration

 a. Application period for research registration :

  - 1st round : Aug 5th(Mon) ~ Aug 30th(Fri), 2019

  - 2nd round : Sep 2nd(Mon) ~ Sep 20th(Fri), 2019

 b. Applicants

   ① Among those who entered in and before 2013, students who have the reason of research registration

   ② Student who entered in and after 2014 can print out the Bill with Research Registration automatically

 c. How to apply for research registration : AIM2 portal - Login - My portal - Registration - Application for research registration

 d. Those who lost the qualification for submitting thesis for degree due to excess of expiration date (for 6 years in Master's course, for 10 years in Doctorate and Integrated courses after entering school) can't apply for research registraton using the AIMS portal website. In that case, students should apply for restoration of qualifications for submitting thesis degree within the designated period. [Related notice]

 e. In case of those who scheduled to complete the courses in Aug of 2019, please email us when you're having a trouble with the online application using AIMS2 portal website (Email Address : , Email Subject : "2019-2 Research Registration, Student Name, Student ID no.")

4. Payment

 a. How to print out the tuition bill

  - AIMS2 portal - Login - My portal - Academic Information(Graduate school) - Registration - Print out the tuition bill - Choose 'Tuition Bill' - Printing

  - Ajou University Homepage - Certificate(Bottom of the page) - Print out the tuition bill - Graduate school - Input the personal information - Choose the regular semester - Confirmation - Choose tuition bill - Printing

 b. Registration Period for students who have completed all required courses, but not thesis




Registration period


Print out the tuition bill from AIMS2 Portal


Application for postponing payment

 2019.08.01.(Mon) ~ 08.30.(Fri) 

Registration (Regular)

 2019.08.26.(Mon) ~ 08.30.(Fri) 2019.08.19.(Mon) ~08.30.(Fri)

Additional Registration(1st)

(Only for students who already applied for postponing payment)


 2019.09.02.(Mon) ~ 09.06.(Fri)


2019.09.02.(Mon) ~ 09.06.(Fri) 


Additional Registration(2nd)

(Only for students who already applied for postponing payment)

 2019.09.18.(Wed) ~ 09.20.(Fri) 2019.09.18.(Wed) ~ 09.20.(Fri)

Final Registration

(Only for students who already applied for postponing payment)

 2019.09.25.(Wed) ~ 09.27(Fri) 2019.09.25.(Wed) ~ 09.27.(Fri)

 c. Place for Payment : All Branches of SC Bank (Standard Chartered) or Woori Bank

 d. How to pay : Remit the fees to Virtual payment account / Pay it usint the Internet (Online) Banking system

 e. You can transfer the money to Virtual Account that printed on the tuition bill only during the Bank working hours (SC Bank 09:30 ~ 16:30 / Woori Bank 09:00 ~ 16:00).

5. Tuition Fee of Academic year 2019(unit : KRW)


Tuition Fee

(For enrolled Students)

Research Registration fee

(For students who have

completed all required courses)

School Register Maintenance

Registration Fee

(For students who have

completed all required courses)

Humanities & Social Science




Natural Science








Medical Science








Dept. of Financial Engineering





- Office of Graduate school -

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