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[Notice]Obligation for Using Thesis Plagiarism Prevention system(Turnitin System), Spring 2020
Writer 진보라 Date 2020-03-20 Hit 1190

Obligation for Using Thesis Plagiarism Prevention system(Turnitin System), Spring 2020


We, the Graduate School, have implemented the Turnitin System to avoid thesis plagiarism before final submission for students who expect to apply for paper screening. It means that applicants who want to submit the thesis for degree in Spring semester of 2020 have a duty to check for plagiarism in their dissertation. Below is the information you need for checking for similarity of thesis for degree by the thesis plagiarism prevention system(Turnitin System).


1. Object : Obligation to check for thesis plagiarism by using the Turnitin System. 

2. Qualification : Students who expect to submit a thesis for degree(Dissertation), Spring Semester of 2020

3. Application Procedure

A. The graduate office will send email regarding the information how to use the system to those qualified through the school email account.


    •  For those who need to use the system before the dates given above must send an e-mail containing the details below to the person in charge of theses from the Office of the Graduate school through your own Ajou University email-account

- E-mail address of the person in charge of theses in the Office of the Graduate School :

- Details to be included : 1) Department, 2) Name, 3) Student ID No., 4) Email address in Ajou, 5) Purpose of use

     B. If you do not have an Ajou University email account, you have to obtain one through the Web-mail system.

           - If you use another email account like Naver, Daum, Google, etc., it will be rejected automatically.

           - Registration for Email Account from Ajou University :


4. How to Use the System

 -  Based on the information given by graduate office on process of using the system, sign up and log in on the Turntitn homepage.

- Click the class named "Ajou University Graduate School", and Upload the dissertation to check for similarities by clicking submission buttons for each purpose.

- Confirmation of Similarity(%) and Originality Reports


5. Submission of results and confirmation from academic advisor



Required Documents


Submission of Self




Before the date of

Thesis review

- Originality Report of Self Checking

- Submit it to Academic Advisor

- Print out required documents from the program

Confirmation of Self



Before the date of Thesis review

- Confirmation Letter from Academic Advisor (established form)

- Confirmed by Academic Advisor


6. Additional Submission of documents when submitting the results of review for thesis

- Digital Receipt, Paper marked similarity(%) (Submit the output from program)

- Certificate of Checking Plagiarism of dissertation (Must be written and confirmed by Academic advisor him/herself)


* Attachment : Certificate of Checking plagiarism of Dissertation


- Office of Graduate School -

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