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Spring Semester

HOMEAcademic Information Semester Time TableSpring Semester

(Updated on March, 4th, 2019)

Spring Semester Time Table
Course Title Credit Instructor E-mail Lecture Schedule Place
NGO & Global Cooperation 3 Jeong, Hyoung Wook doist@yahoo.co.kr Wed. 9:00~11:45 Y154
Econometric Method 3 Kim, Dong Geun kimdongg@ajou.ac.kr Wed. 12:00~14:45 Y154
International Relations 3 Iain Watson i.watson@hotmail.co.uk Mon. 12:00~14:45 Y154

Civil Society and the State

3 Jeong, Hyoung Wook doist@yahoo.co.kr Wed. 15:00~17:45 Y258
Qualitative Research Design and Methods  3 Kang, Shin Goo shingookang@ajou.ac.kr Thurs. 9:00~11:45 Y154
International Trade and Development    3 Min, Hyuk Ki hmin@kiet.re.kr Thurs. 12:00~14:45 Y154
Principles of Accounting  3 Lee, Jae Hyung jlee@kinvesco.co.kr Thurs. 15:00~17:45 Y154
Marketing Management 3 Cho, Jae Woon chojwn@ajou.ac.kr Wed. 15:00~17:45 Y154
Organization Behavior 3 Cho, Yung-ho choyho@ajou.ac.kr Thurs. 12:00~14:45 Y425
International Commercial Contracts and Dispute Settlements       3 Troy B. Felver troybfelver@gmail.com Tues. 9:00~11:45 D311
Entrepreneurship 3 Kim, Kyung Ho kyunghokim@ajou.ac.kr Wed. 12:00~14:45 D505
Economic Analysis and Public Policy 3 Kim, Tae Bong tbk@ajou.ac.kr Mon. 9:00~11:45 Y258
International Political Economy     3 Iain Watson i.watson@hotmail.co.uk Mon. 15:00~17:45 Y154
Statistics 3 Chang, Byung Yoon bychang@ajou.ac.kr Mon. 15:00~17:45 Y357
Application and Cases in International Development 3 Cho, Jung Hun chojungksg@gmail.com Tues. 12:00~14:45 Y154
Supply Chain Management    3 Kim, Seung Hwan seunk@ajou.ac.kr  Tues. 15:00~17:45 Y154
Corporate Citizenship 3 Kim, Byung Kwan


Mon. 9:00~11:45 Y154
Korea and World Economy : Past, Present and Future   3 Choi, Hee Gab hgchoi@ajou.ac.kr Tues. 15:00~17:45 Y154
International Business: Korean Perspective      3 Kim, Hyeon Min hermank@naver.com Tues. 18:00~20:45 Y154
Issues in Development Theory and Practice 3 Lee, Ki Ho




Beginning Korean Language I(A) 3 Kim, Eun Jin ej1030@hanmail.net





Beginning Korean Language I(B) 3 Bae, Kong Ju kongju0821@ajou.ac.kr





Beginning Korean Language II 3 Bae, Kong Ju kongju0821@ajou.ac.kr





Energy Technology Perspective 3

Kim, Hyung Taek

htkim@ajou.ac.kr Mon. 16:30~19:15 E311
Analysis of Energy Market 3

Jung, Yong Hun


yonghun.jung@gmail.com Mon. 9:00~11:45 E311
Renewable Energy 3 Park, Hui Joon huijoon@ajou.ac.kr Wed. 12:00~14:45 E311

D: Dasan Hall, Y: Yulgok Hall, E: Energy Center


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