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Ajou University Central Library was founded on Mar. 15th, 1973, to fulfill our education objectives clearly stated in our school regulations. Our goal is to contribute to the students’ and faculty's studies and research by collecting, arranging and providing academic information.
At the beginning, the total floor space of the library was only 876㎡ and there was a total of 120 seats in the reading room. We initiated our service on Apr. 2nd, 1973, with 1272 books and 1 librarian.

With the donation of 5 billion won from Kim Woo Joong, the ex-President of Daewoo Group, the university library was renovated to be more modern and to better serve our students. It has a Lending and Reading Room, Newly-Published Material Room, Reference Room, Reserve Book Room, Digital Library Development Room, Multimedia Information Room and Information Support Room on the 1st floor, Periodicals Room on the 2nd floor, Liberal Arts/Social Science Room and Linguistics/Natural Science Room on the 3rd floor, and National Tests Information Room on the 4th, floor with a floor space of 13,310㎡. There are 5 General Reading Rooms on each floor. Now we have approximately 790,000 books and 2,128 seats in the reading rooms.

  • The general studying area is open 24 hours day throughout the year and the periodical room is opened from 09:00-21:00 during weekdays and 09:00-17:00 during weekends.
  • At the periodical room, you can read books, journals, and newspapers. You can also browse the CD-Rom titles and use the Internet to search for the information you need.
  • Stacks are open in the library. If you want to check out a book, find the book in the stack yourself, go to the clerk at the counter and present your ID card. To return the book, simply bring the book to the checkout counter with your ID card.
  • For students who like to watch movies, DVDs, and VHS are ready on the 1st floor. The Media Circulation desk is on the other side of the entrance from the book circulation desk.
  • To check out those materials, you should bring your student ID card and exchange it for a seat number.
  • These multimedia materials must not be removed from the library. They can be watched in the extensive multimedia room near the circulation desk, which is filled with many VCRs and DVD players. You will get your ID card back when you return everything borrowed.

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