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Nubi Ajou(Student Voulunteers)

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NUBI Ajou is a volunteer community composed of Korean students who want to be friends with GSIS students. “NUBI Ajou” means to explore and discover Ajou and to explore and discover the world!

It was organized in 2008 in order to help foreign students to stay and to study happily on Ajou campus. The main function of NUBI Ajou is to help GSIS students from foreign countries adapt to new circumstances and a different culture, thus the international students are able to participate in school activities and local events without many barriers. NUBI Ajou members value friendship the most among members, international students and Ajou students. (Join us on facebook :  )

Pick Up Service

Nubi members help GSIS new student through 'Airport Pick-up service'.

Counseling service

Each new GSIS student have 1 or 2 Nubi members when the new students come to Korea for helping adjust life in Korea. During the time, students get the help from campus life to daily life in Korea.


For close tie between the Nubi and GSIS students, various trip and activities such as sports game and visiting theme park are scheduled.



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