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Educational Objectives

HOMEUndergraduate Educational Objectives
1. Exemplary professionals who respect honor and character
  • - Strengthening a new student orientation program: instilling basic social ethics
  • - Establishing a proper image of law students through courses such as 'College Life and Career' and 'Laws and Ethics'
  • - Providing a forum for communication and sharing between professors and students utilizing message boards on the
    internet homepage
  • - Educating law students on basic qualifications for legal profession through special lectures by adjunct professors and
    guest speakers
2. Information-oriented creative professionals
  • - Enhancing professional legal research skills through an advanced study on legal information in addition to a basic course
    designed to teach general computer skills needed for office work (such as typing and programming)
  • - Maximizing the effectiveness of students' learning potential through the use of the state-of-art facilities such as multimedia
  • - Building an active internal network (intranet) of the university through the construction of superb computer centers
  • - Operating academic affairs and college administration through the computerized information system of the Ajou Service
  • - Encouraging the use of library's web database (DB)
3. Talented professionals with advanced legal knowledge
  • - Securing optimal number of full-time professors/instructors
  • - Securing optimal number of required courses for each major
  • - Utilizing a mentor-mentee system of tutoring program with the help of graduate students
  • - Administering a start-of-semester examination for comprehensive evaluation of students' mastery of legal studies during
    vacations, which will be used as preliminary data for awarding scholarships
  • - Improving lectures through a lecture evaluation program
  • - Enhancing practical skills utilizing mock trials and interactive case studies of precedents
  • - Establishing a sound support system for education and research through the constant purchases/updates of domestic
    and international legal textbooks and law-related periodical publications.
  • - Increasing the number of scholarships thereby providing students with greater motivation to study
4. Exceptional professionals with a global mindset
  • - Enhancing students' foreign language skills by mandating required courses to be lectured in foreign languages
  • - Promoting omnidirectional legal education through links with majors relating to international commerce and area studies
  • - Creating new courses such as 'International Trade Law' and 'International Environment Law' through which students can
    acquire legal knowledge and skills applicable in various international work settings

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