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What is Nano-medicine

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* The Molecular Science and Technology-Nanomedicine is an interdisciplinary department of graduate school in Ajou University. The Molecular Science and Technology-Nanomedicine is an area of the combined nanotechnology, biology, biotechnology and the medical sciences. Utilizing these combined nanotechnology, research and education aim to breakthrough the limits of modern medical technology in the areas of diagnostics, therapy and prevention of diseases.

* In Korea, Nanomedicine is selected as one of primary field of technologies for the 21th national R & D investment plans. The Department of Molecular Science and Technology-Nanomedicine in Ajou University is the unique program in the nationally funded the 2nd BK21 Program. In our program, medical doctors work together with nanotechnologists and biochemists in the surgery rooms as well as in the materials laboratories. Our goals are to detect the cancer long before the 1st stage and treat the patients without pain or side effect.


For Nano-medicine as a new emerging technology. Maintain Excellence in Research by converging Nanotechnology & Medicine and Train Top-notch technology specialists to forefront setting technological trends and leading global markets.


  • Professional Training
  • Master 238, Ph.D. 72, Post-doc.58, Research Professor 28
  • Nano-medicine
  • World class Research Team
  • Top-notch technology specialists


  • Cultivate Elite Technologist in Nano-medicine
  • Formulate Core Research Team in Ajou University
  • Serve a Hub for Translational Study of Nano-medicine to Industry

* Organization

(Fall, 2012)

Professors 30
Graduate Students 151(Master 79 / Ph.D.90)
Post-Doc. 2
Research Professors 0

* Achievements

(KRW a Million)

Academic Year 2006 2007
Government R&D Fund 3,793 4,300
Industrial Fund 895 1,143
Research Paper(SCI) 121 114
Patents 46 51

* Scholarships (BK21)

Scholarships (BK21)
Master Degree KRW 6,000,000 / year
Ph.D. Degree KRW 10,800,000 / year

University scholarships and supports from academic advisor's projects are also available

* The Department of Molecular Science and Technology-Nanomedicine is ranked top in the evaluation group for the first 2 year evaluation of the 2nd BK21 program.

* Homepage http://bk21.ajou.ac.kr/nanomed/english

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