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Program Structure

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program structure

program structure
Education & Research System
  • Education : Constructs a new paradigm in education, combining nanotechnologies and medicine
  • Industry : Administrates Cooperative Education Programs and Internships
  • Administrates Incentive System for technological development

>> Trains professionals in Nano-medicine and develops technologies in the field

International Cooperative System
  • Annual review of the program by international advisory committee and external advisory members (professors, and experts from Universities and R&D institutes overseas and in Korea)
  • International cyber classes, short-term intensive classes headed by professors from the international corporation universities, long-term and short-term exchange research programs with the international corporation universities
  • Shared Research Projects for Cooperative Learning

>> Train Top-notch technology specialists leading the Nano-medicine

Improvement-based Competition System
  • Evaluation policy by MBO for professors and teams achievement annually and operate rewarding system to individual and group.
  • Through evaluation and competition, achieve a continuous “problem findings and implement” system.
  • Using the concept of “moving target”, concentrate efforts and resources on competitive areas for better education and research program.

>> Through such a process, our goal is to set up a Program that can burgeon utilizing its full capability

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