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First of all, I would like to thank you for visiting Ajou University‘s BK 21 Program of the Molecular Science and Technology-Nanomedicine.

Ajou University's Program of the Molecular Science and Technology (MST) joined BK 21 from the first phase in 1999, an internationally renowned research-based University fostering Program to develop a competitive Graduate school. The mammoth-sized Program combines MST with Nano-medicine. As Korea's first educational institution to fuse nanotechnology with other technologies such as bio-engineering and information technology, Ajou University? Program of MST is Korea's leading Program in the area of interdisciplinary graduate program.

Nano-medicine is prospected to be mankind? strongest weapon against various diseases in the 21st century, and thus academics related to the area are also important. Ajou University's MST Program will utilize its experience and assets acquired from earlier stages to train professionals, develop medical technologies, and to industrialize Nano-medicine.

We designed this Program so that we would train professionals and develop technologies that could help blossom Korean society and ultimately world society. Our mission is to create a world in which Engineers go into surgeries and medical doctors apply nanotechnologies to clinical purposes.

Furthermore, our Program is headed by 27 experts from the fields of nanotechnology, bio-engineering, basic medical science, and clinical medicine along with 160 graduate students. We have also coordinated international cooperative programs with the world's leaders in Nano-medicine such as Northwestern University, Georgia Tech., and the University of Tokyo. These cooperation programs were set up so that Korean students could have first hand experiences of top-notch research and education programs in the world.

The mission of MST Program in Ajou University is to develop Nano-medicine and ultimately to overcome modern medicine's limits. To achieve this goal, we will do everything we can. Lastly, I would like to welcome you again to the world of Nano-medicine.

Bun Yeoul Lee
Professor and Director
BK21 Department of Molecular Science and Technology
Ajou University

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