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Recruitment Process & affiliated majors

Recruitment Process & affiliated majors
Recruitment Area Detailed majorsAffiliated undergraduate majors
Nano-Materials Functional Nano-materials Artificial Body Material, Diagnosis Materials, Cell Function, Chemistry, Functional Materials Nano-materials Physics, Biology, Applied Chemistry, Bio-engineering, Molecular Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Material Engineering, Medical Engineering, Basic Medical Science, Clinical Medical Science
Nano-Diagnostics Body Target Materials, Imaging System, Bio-sensor Development, Signal Transfer
Nano-Therapeutics LOC development Cell Engineering, Transfer of Drugs Tissue Engineering, Antibody Engineering, Clinical Engineering

Graduate Students Application Details

<Merit-based Scholarships>

Merit-based Scholarships
Degree Name of Scholarship Qualification Standard Recipient Ratio Term of Scholarship Amount of Scholarship Other Imformation
Master Special Scholarship Admissions grades must be outstanding and also must receive the recommendation of his or her advisor (Full-time student, GPA of 3.5 of higher) 30% of Freshmen 4 semesters 100% of tuition TA Scholarship also may be awarded
  Reserch TA Scholarship Recommended by affiliated professor Full-time student, 50% of Professor’s Research Funds must go into scholarship) No limits Same duration of the professor's reserch funds 100% of tuition For award, Not eligible for TA Scholarship
  TA Scholarship Selected as TA Must commit at least 15 hours of TA service) All TAs Per semester 450,000\ x 4(1,800,000 per semester) Possible to apply any other Scholarship unless otherwise mentioned
Ph-D. Research Scholarship Full-time students All who match the qualifying standards 6 semesters 80% of tuition Possible to apply any other Scholarship unless otherwise mentioned

* The policy of the University scholarship can be changed by the university policy annually

<BK Research Scholarship (Nationally funded>

(Korea Won)

BK Research Scholarship (Nationally funded)
BK Research Scholarship Other Info.
Master Degree Ph. D. Degree Eligible up to 70% of enrolled students
6,000,000 \ per yr. 10,800,000 \ per yr.

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