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* Mission of Training Professionals

  • Training of professionals in the field of Nano-medicine

* Innovated Education Curriculum

<Innovation of the Education Curriculum>

  • With the technologies and experiences earned from seven years of research and education of the Nano-Biology area, our Program focuses on subjects related to nanotechnology but also, we do have subjects that combine nanomedicine and medicine.
  • Professors currently doing research on basic and clinical medicine in Ajou University’s Medical School have joined the MST department. By doing so, our education curriculum has become based on an education focused on nanomedicine.
  • The main subjects in this course are nano-medicine basic subjects (medicine, nano-engineering, basic fusion echniques), deeper subjects in nano-medicine (diagnosis, treatment, fusion), and lastly, subjects which teach the application of nano-medicine to other purposes. Through this, we hope to achieve our goal of training professionals who can change the world.

<Training Professionals to achieve global competence>

  • Besides the regular subjects required in the course, we have increased classes conducted in English and international programs such as international symposiums, international student and professor exchange programs, and writing English papers. This is because in today’s global world, our students must learn English to become true professionals.

<Education conducted in both the industry and academia>

  • In order to train professionals who can benefit society, we have partnerships with 21 companies, 3 national research centers, and industrial-scholar partnership education programs. Through these partnerships, we hope to train professionals who can start working right away after graduation.
  • The industrial-scholar partnership education programs are consisted of classes such as industry CEO classes and interdisciplinary technology application classes, internship programs, re-education programs for experts form industries, and programs for training short-term professionals.

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