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Ajou University Professor Suk Won Lee leads the Organizing.. 2019-03-28 1266
Ajou University Professor Suk Won Lee (Department of Software) was appointed as the Organizing Committee Chairman of IEEE RE’19. The 27th IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference (RE’19) is scheduled to be held from September 23rd..
Government support is extended for Ajou's Software Special.. 2019-03-28 1233
Government support has been extended for Ajou's Software Specialized University Project Group (SSUPG).   Ajou University, which has carried out the first and second stages of the Project over the past four years since 2015, will continu..
Ajou University professor and students win award at HotMob.. 2019-03-28 1231
A research team including Professor Jeong Gil Ko (Department of Software), Jae Won Choi (master's and doctoral integrated course, Department of Computer Engineering), and Hyun Jeong Park (Department of Software) from Ajou University won the Best De..
Ajou University unveils the ‘CONNECTING MINDS' sculpture .. 2019-03-28 585
Ajou University unveiled the ‘CONNECTING MINDS' sculpture that represents its educational philosophy and directions. The sculpture is located on the lawn in front of Yulgok Hall, which houses the University's administrative divisions, and represen..
Ajou University signs an MOU with KNX Association and KNX .. 2019-03-28 584
On February 22nd, Ajou University signed an MOU with KNX Association and KNX Korea to standardize both smart infrastructure control technology and related R&D and foster talents in the field.   KNX, which is the only international s..
Ajou Institute of Unification holds 'Unification Talk' wit.. 2019-02-22 1165
The reunification of Germany and the prospects for a unified Korea were discussed at a talk show held at Ajou University.   Ajou Institute of Unification (AIU) invited Suwon City Mayor Tae Young Yeom and German Ambassador to the Republi..
Ajou University's Paran Ladder Program receives the Award .. 2019-02-22 1150
Ajou University's Paran Ladder Program received the Award of Excellence from the Ministry of Education. The Award is in recognition of the University's outstanding operation of the 2018 Paran Ladder Program, which is based on Ajou’s "After You Pr..
Ajou's Graduate School of International Studies holds a gr.. 2019-02-22 1196
'2018 KFB – Ajou University Program for Cambodian Financial Staff' was successfully concluded. Korea Federation of Banks (KFB) provides scholarship funds for the six-month program to produce local staff members for financial institutions operating..
Ajou University celebrates the New Year 2019-02-22 848
Ajou University held an event to celebrate the New Year of 2019 with representatives of its people in attendance.   Officials from the Daewoo Educational Foundation and faculty and staff members of the University and the University Medi..
Ajou University Professor Chang Hee Suh discovers the caus.. 2019-02-22 861
Ajou University Professor Chang Hee Suh (School of Medicine) discovered the cause of lupus, an intractable disease. Lupus is a disease in which immune cells attack normal cells due to an immune system abnormality, causing inflammation in other tis..

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