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Ajou University celebrates the New Year 2019-02-22 1104
Ajou University held an event to celebrate the New Year of 2019 with representatives of its people in attendance.   Officials from the Daewoo Educational Foundation and faculty and staff members of the University and the University Medi..
Ajou University Professor Chang Hee Suh discovers the caus.. 2019-02-22 1110
Ajou University Professor Chang Hee Suh (School of Medicine) discovered the cause of lupus, an intractable disease. Lupus is a disease in which immune cells attack normal cells due to an immune system abnormality, causing inflammation in other tis..
Ajou University and KPC join hands to foster talents for t.. 2019-02-22 1044
Ajou University and Korea Productivity Center (KPC) signed an MOU to foster talents and provide education for the 4th Industrial Revolution through industry-academia cooperation. The MOU signing ceremony was attended by President Hyung Ju Park, De..
Ajou University and Kookmin Bank signed an MOU for coopera.. 2019-02-22 976
Ajou University and Kookmin Bank signed an MOU for cooperation in Big Data and artificial intelligence (AI). The MOU signing ceremony, which was held on December 14th in Ajou University's Yulgok Hall, was attended by President Hyung Ju Park from th..
China's Rizhao City delegation led by Mayor Li Yonghong vi.. 2019-02-22 941
China's Rizhao City delegation led by Mayor Li Yonghong visited Ajou University to discuss bilateral cooperation. On November 29th, Mayor Li Yonghong, an alumnus of Ajou University Graduate School of International Studies, and other municipal officia..
Ajou University's Paran Semester concludes with Team Inter.. 2019-02-22 941
Paran Semester – Ajou Creative Activity Program – for the 2018 fall semester was concluded with a presentation event held on the afternoon of December 7th in the lobby of the University's Jonghap Hall. The program, which was launched in 2016, al..
A team of Ajou University students wins the Grand Prize at.. 2019-02-22 932
On December 1st, a team of Ajou University's Department of Civil System Engineering students (Soo Ro Yoon, Ha Jeong Chung, and Yoon Jeong Bae) won the Grand Prize at the 2018 Korean Institute of Building Information Modeling Contest The Contest was..
Ajou University holds English Café with international stud.. 2019-02-22 877
Ajou University held English Café with international students and faculty members. The event, which was held in the Dasan Hall lobby on the evening of November 29th, was attended by about 150 international faculty members and students. During En..
Utilizing educational data is discussed at Ajou University.. 2019-02-22 921
On November 30th, Ajou University held its second Learning Analytics Conference in the Dasan Hall Grand Auditorium. During the Conference, relevant experts exchanged views on how to analyze and use the data on learners and the learning environment..
Ajou University launches the on-campus Human Rights Center 2018-12-11 2277
Ajou University launched its Human Rights Center, which integrates human rights counseling functions in order to further strengthen the respectful culture among Ajou people.    The opening ceremony for the Center was held in the au..

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