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[17.2.27] Ajou's global volunteering team 'Ajou Good Frien.. 2017-03-20 10208
Ajou Good Friends carried out volunteering activities for middle- and high-school students in Hai Duong City, Vietnam. Hai Duong is a sister city of Suwon, and the centers for international exchanges under the two cities provided help for the Univ..
[17.2.1] Ajou receives 2 billion won in financial support.. 2017-03-20 9713
Ajou University's Center for New Industries and Convergence Technologies (Director Joo Yeoun Lee) will receive two billion won over three years after being chosen as a leading institution of Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO)'s Open ..
[17.1.25] Ajou's Professor Hyung Tak Seo develops a highl.. 2017-03-20 10282
  Ajou University Professor Hyung Tak Seo (Department of Energy System Research and Department of Materials Science and Engineering, pictured above) developed a highly efficient and stable photocatalytic electrode. The research findings w..
[17.1.4] Ajou is selected as an institution for pilot dron.. 2017-01-23 12301
Ajou University was selected as an institution for pilot drone projects (researcher-in-charge: Professor Jung Yol Jo) by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.Last year, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport initiated pilot drone..
[16.12.30]Ajou's College of Pharmacy is certified by the K.. 2017-01-09 13068
Ajou University is the only private university to have its College of Pharmacy education program accredited by the Korean Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (KACPE). The accreditation is effective for five years from January 2017.The KACPE evalu..
[16.12.29] BMW Korea donates 300 million won to Ajou for u.. 2017-01-09 12938
BMW Korea plans to donate 300 million won to Ajou University's Game-changing Revolution Fund. The company contributed 100 million won for the first year after promising a 300-million-won donation over two years.The donation was decided at a breakfast meet..
[16.12.26] Two foreign students from Ajou receive the Acad.. 2017-01-03 11751
Two foreign students from Ajou University Graduate School received the '2016 Academic Achievement Award for Foreign Students on the Government of the Republic of Korea Scholarship' presented by the National Institute for International Education (NIIE) und..
[16.12.23] Ajou's Professor Young Jin Kim wins the 2016 Ex.. 2016-12-30 12180
Ajou University Professor Young Jin Kim (Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, pictured above) won the 2016 Excellent Paper Award from the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF).The award-winning paper is entitled "Perceptual Color Diffe..
[16.12.20] Ajou University Professor Heon Hwan Lee takes o.. 2016-12-27 12234
Professor Heon Hwan Lee from Ajou University's Law School was inaugurated as the 36th President of the Korea Public Law Association (KPLA) under a one-year term.      He assumed the presidency at the '2016 KPLA G..
[16.12.16] Ajou signs an agreement with the Department of .. 2016-12-27 11273
Ajou University Psychological Science Center (PSC), Simon Fraser University (SFU) in Canada, and South Korea’s Department of Justice (DOJ) entered into an agreement on developing psychological treatment tools.   At the agreement..

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