Ajou Vision 5.0 Global Campus

About us

The Department of Computer Engineering focuses on understanding the foundations of hardware and software in computer systems. We have over  20 research laboratories that provide world-class research environments for master and doctor level graduate students in intriguing computer engineering areas such as the computer itself, middleware, platforms, networks, distributed systems, embedded systems, and context-aware computing.

Our primary goal is to equip students with necessary knowledge and skills to solve practical problems brought about by the modern information-oriented society where computing is ubiquitous. Consequently, students will be trained to become independent researchers who are valued by the academia and by the industry.

The Graduate School of Computer Engineering is a global learning environment where students of various nationalities work together under supervision of experienced  faculty  comprising Korean and foreigner professors.

The detailed majors of the Department of Computer Engineering are:

  • Computer Theory
  • Computer Communication
  • Information Processing/Analysis
  • Computer Hardware
  • Software Engineering