Foriegn Language Program


A-STAR (Ajou-Student's Toeic And Resolution)

A-STAR is a TOEIC program with different levels targeted for new Ajou students who would like to utilize their free hours between classes to learn English step by step. The Academic Management System, called LIVIS and developed by professional language coordinators, is implemented to enable new students to participate in the language certification system and various international exchange programs in the campus. We encourage as many as new students to participate in this program.


  • How should I prepare for official English tests such as TOEIC, TOEFL, and Speaking?

    In our A-STAR course, the system is designed to help students to fully prepare for the official English test by conducting level (basic, intermediate, and practical levels), characteristic (conversational English grammar, speaking & writing intensive classes), and short-term intensive study camps to prepare for both TOEIC and speaking tests.

  • What should I do if I can't take classes for a while due to military enlistment or other special reasons?

    If it is difficult to continue taking this course due to special reasons such as military enlistment or leave of absence, you can apply for postponement. For example, if you are unable to take classes for the summer vacation and fall semester due to military enlistment after taking the first semester, the rest of the classes can be taken after being discharged from the military by applying for postponement through our system.

  • How are the levels determined in A-STAR?

    Individuals are required to take a test at the beginning of each semester, and classes are determined through counseling. In addition, whenever the new semester starts, the levels will be re-determined considering improvement of grades and counseling.

  • I have poor English. Can I follow-up in this program?

    We have a range of courses from basic English grammar to TOEIC and TOEIC speaking classes. You can start studying English based on the level test so there is no need to worry.

  • What is the difference between the A-Star course and private institutions near the campus?

    1. Since the program is run by the university, we provide high-quality lectures at a low price.
    2. You can take classes between your school schedule since we are on campus. Also, as we provide online classes too, you can take them at your desired time and schedule.
    3. This program is conducted by qualified instructors.

Please contact us individually for registration/payment and required documents.

Inquiries and Registration

  • Ajou University Center for International Education at Campus Plaza 208

    Due to the COVID-19 situation, we are not currently receiving inquiries/registrations for visits. Please inquire to the contact details below.

  • Tel/Phone : 031-219-1568/ 010-3094-0442
  • Online :
  • KakaoTalk : @아주대국제교육센터어학상담실 (Language Counseling Office, Ajou University Center for International Education) (Language Counseling Office, Ajou University Center for International Education)