Course Descriptions

CCMP1013 컴퓨팅 사고 (Computational Thinking)

Computational Thinking (CT) is a computer science-based approach to problem-solving, designing systems, and understanding human actions. For the “digital generation,” it is a basic skill that is just as important as reading, writing, and basic math. CT encompasses a broad range of cognitive thinking stages and can be applied to problem-solving in many areas, which is why it is regarded as a universal skill for the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. CT restructures a (usually non-standardized) problem so that it can be solved easily by a human or computer: in a sense, it is a form of creative problem-solving. This makes CT a necessary skill that all university students need to be able to solve the problems they will encounter in many academic fields in a systematic and logical manner. At Ajou University, CT is a core trait of the "Ajou-in" (a member of the Ajou University family) and is designated as a skill that all students must acquire. This course uses problems that are of interest to students to encourage them to voluntarily gain core CT capabilities. Once gained, these capabilities form the basis for the cultivation of problem-solving skills.

ENG101 영어연습 (Fundamentals of English Structure)

This course introduces the basic structure of the English language and, through practice, gives students a strong foundation for developing everyday speaking skills.

ENG141 영미문화의 이해 (Understanding American and British Films)

This course aims to foster a solid, independent understanding of American and British film through a two-pronged approach: 1) understanding of general film theory and 2) understanding of the history of American and British film.

ENG107 어학 전공영어독해 (Academic English Reading in Linguistics)

This course provides an overview of the sub-fields of linguistics, including English linguistics, English education, and American and British culture. It prepares students to take higher-level courses in the major by introducing the characteristics of texts in various linguistics-related fields as well as the meanings and syntactical structure of academic English. Students will also develop the ability to write English at an academic level through various exercises (e.g. article summaries).

ENG108 문학 전공영어독해 (Academic English Reading in Literature)

The goal of this course is to give students access to basic knowledge on British and American literature and cultural studies and an understanding of the connection between such academic knowledge and daily life (as well as recent cultural phenomena), leading them to become more interested and skilled in reading academic texts in these areas. Students will also gain an understanding of the characteristics of literary and cultural texts (essays, poems, novels, drama/movie scripts) through a lexicon of criticism terminology and develop the ability to fully understand such texts through readings of texts featuring diverse concepts and syntax (writing) styles.

ENG121 IT를 활용한 영어학의 이해(Understanding English Linguistics Through IT)

This course uses IT-based learning paradigms, which are rapidly expanding into diverse multimedia and Internet- and mobile-based platforms, to give students a better understanding of English linguistics through an introduction to its various sub-areas via research, article summaries and presentations, and discussions. More specifically, students will explore current issues in English linguistics while carrying out thematic projects on one or more of its sub-areas (phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics). They will also utilize TED Talks, podcasts, and corpora in their training on the diverse functions of the English language.

ENG131 영웅과 신의 세계 (The World of Heroes and Gods)

Students of this course will engage in critical readings of key sections from Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey and Virgil’s The Aeneid. They will also study how the Old and New Testaments were compiled and issues related to canonization.

ENG206 영문전공생을 위한 영작문 (English Composition for English Majors)

Students will focus on writing in full, coherent sentences to gain a strong grasp of the basics of English writing. They will also develop analytical and appreciation skills.

ENG229 영어학개론1 (Introduction to the English Language 1)

This course offers an overview of English linguistics, including phonemic, syntactic, and meaning systems and the history of the English language.

ENG2310 영미문학개론 (Introduction to British and American Literature)

Students of this course will study the characteristics and elements of British and American literature in the three genres of novel, drama, and poetry to gain a better understanding of literature written in English.

ENG233 영미단편 (British and American Short Stories)

Students will engage in close readings of famous short stories by British and American writers. They will also develop analytical and appreciation skills.

ENG224 영문법 (English Grammar)

In this course, students will learn how to intuitively grasp the meaning of an English text through syntactical structure and practice what they have learned through readings of various kinds of texts.

ENG227 영어교육론(교직) (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)

Students will explore the pedagogical principles of English education over the decades. Through demonstration classes and practical training, they will analyze the problems of English education in Korea today as well as the possibilities of applying the pedagogical principles they will learn in this course.

ENG238 영미 스토리텔링 (British and American Storytelling)

Students of this course will gain an understanding of various cultural experiences related to education, entertainment, information, and therapy under the umbrella concept of storytelling. They will study the principles, techniques, and types of storytelling through concrete examples (movies, comics, advertisements, tourism, articles, memoirs, etc.) and be given opportunities to apply what they learn.

ENG241 영미 인문 베스트셀러 읽기 (Reading British and American Best Sellers in the Humanities)

This course focuses on reading well-written, bestselling American and British books in the humanities (literature, psychology, business administration, self-help, etc.) to significantly improve students’ English proficiency as well as help them identify the social and historical implications in the characteristics of each genre and related cultural phenomena.

ENG239 영시와 대중음악 (English Poetry and Pop Music)

This course provides the basics of poetry writing to students who have no prior experience with English poetry. Interpretive tools are applied to modern poems, which are relatively easier to analyze linguistically and thematically, to give students practice with the in-depth reading of poetry. After exploring the relationship between the various styles and singers of popular music in the 20th century (Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Sex Pistols, jazz, and hip hop) with the culture of the time, students will have the opportunity to appreciate songs that are popular today.

ENG312 영문전공생을 위한 영어회화 (English Communication for English Majors)

This course is designed for English language and literature majors. Students will strengthen their English-speaking skills and ability to combine creative thinking with application skills through text-based critical discussions.

ENG3210 응용언어학(캡스톤디자인) (Applied Linguistics(Capstone Design)

Students of this course will read the latest academic articles in various areas of applied linguistics (cognitive linguistics, social linguistics, psychological linguistics, data processing theory, etc.) with a focus on the principles of language acquisition and use. Based on what they learn, students will explore the connections between linguistics and applied linguistics.

ENG3316 고전영문학사 (History of Classic English Literature)

After surveying the sociopolitical background of the United Kingdom from antiquity until the 18th century, students will read literary works that are considered to be representative of particular eras.

ENG3322 미국문학사(Survey of American Literature: Beginnings to Present)

Students will read key works of American literature from the time before independence from Great Britain until the present day. By learning the characteristics of and changes in this literary body found in their readings, they will gain a better understanding of American literature.

ENG3318 영소설과 영화 (English Novel and Film)

After a survey of the development of the British novel by era, students of this course will read several prominent works to improve their understanding of British culture and strengthen their reading skills.

ENG334 영국시 (British Poetry)

In this course, students will study and gain an appreciation for prominent works of British poetry.

ENG362 번역입문 (Introduction to Translation)

This course covers core aspects of translation and cross-cultural communication by taking students through the processes of (1) examining and reflecting on key concepts related to translation and (2) developing basic practical skills in translation and cross-cultural communication. The course deals with issues related to genre/text type, audience, register, style, as well as macro-textual structures and micro-textual elements. Students will also examine the socio-cultural complexities of translation, as well as the ways in which the development of digital technology has affected translation processes. Students will practice and analyze translation of audiovisual materials, essays, news articles, and speeches.

ENG3314 현대영미드라마의 이해 (Understanding Modern British & American Drama)

After exploring modern British and American plays from a historical perspective, students will choose three modern British and/or American plays (that are sophisticated in a literary or dramatic sense) and conduct close readings and analyses of them.

ENG3315 문학과 사회 (Literature and Society)

By looking at certain genres, themes, and/or phenomena, students of this course will explore the relationship between literature and society as well as between literature and culture.

ENG3320 동화와 민담 (Fairy Tale and Folk Tale)

In this course, students will gain a theoretical background on the plots, themes, characters, structure, literary style, and interpretation of fairy tales and folk tales and analyze the processes by which they were created and applied to contemporary culture. They will also study movies (e.g. Disney), storybooks, and comics by examining the current status of British and American fairy tales, historical influence and evolution of Western folk tales, and universality and differences in the utilization of fairy and folk tales.

ENG344 미국문화와 스토리 (American Culture and Story)

Students will gain an understanding of the stories that appear in diverse texts (literature, movies, and popular cultural media), and use them to broaden their understanding of the characteristics and history of American culture.

ENG3317 근대영문학사 (History of Modern English Literature)

This course focuses on the history of English literature from the 19th to 20th centuries. Through close readings of major writers in several genres, students will see how English literature—in other words, poetry, novels, essays, and dramas—has changed and focused their attention on diverse issues based on a knowledge of British politics, economy, society, and culture of these two centuries.

ENG322 영어통사론 (English Syntax)

Students of this course will study the principles of building a sentence in English and syntactical characteristics.

ENG3321 영화로 감상하는 셰익스피어 (Shakespeare in Movies)

After learning the basic principles of criticism and the social and historical background of Shakespeare’s writings, students will choose one Shakespearean work on which they will do a close reading and write an educated critique.

ENG3211 영어음성학(캡스톤 디자인) (English Phonetics(Capstone Design)

In this course, students will compare the vowels and consonants of English with their Korean counterparts. After learning the supra-segmental elements of the proper oral delivery of English (e.g., stress points, cadence, intonation), students will practice what they have learned through speech activities. They will also write short articles on their studies of how sounds are produced in English.

ENG3323 텍스트 마이닝과 심리 분석(캡스톤 디자인)(Text Mining & Psychological Analysis (Capstone Design))

Students will learn the basic principles of psychoanalysis and Python text mining techniques, which they will then use to analyze the psychological stance of texts on British/American or Korean culture, literature, or cinema.

ENG361 통역입문 (Introduction to Interpreting)

This course offers a basic theoretical and practical understanding of interpreting. Students will (1) examine and reflect on key concepts related to interpreting and (2) develop basic practical skills in interpreting and cross-cultural communication. Interpreting in this lecture is viewed as a linguistic and socio-cultural activity that enables communication and exchange between people from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds. As an act of mediation, interpreting plays a crucial role in the transnational circulation and dissemination of knowledge, as well as the enhancement of equality and linguistic justice. In this course, students will learn and reflect on issues and problems related to interpreting, focusing on linguistic, social, and ethical complexities of cross-cultural communication. Students will also develop basic consecutive interpreting and sight translation skills, practicing interpreting and sight translation occurring in diverse situations.

ENG329 영어교재연구및지도법(캡스톤디자인)(교직) (Materials and Methods in ELT)

Students will learn about pedagogical methods, how to create a syllabus and a list of assessment categories, and the characteristics of and how to write a textbook for teaching English as a foreign language. By analyzing existing textbooks, students will gain an understanding of the basic structure and components of an English textbook. Based on what they have learned about textbooks and teaching techniques, students will try writing their own textbook for a new curriculum.

ENG448 영미영화의 이해 (Understanding American and British Films)

This course aims to foster a solid, independent understanding of American and British film through a two-pronged approach: 1) understanding of general film theory and 2) understanding of the history of American and British film. Students will gain the ability to combine and expand on both of these approaches.

ENG428 영어의미론(캡스톤 디자인) (English Semantics(Capstone Design)

In this course, students are encouraged to think about the logical structures of the meanings of English words and sentences.

ENG461 디지털미디어번역 (Digital Media and Translation)

This course examines translation taking place in digital environments and considers the ways in which translation modes and processes are evolving as a result of the development of digital technology. The course explores how global flows of texts (including audiovisual texts), information, and knowledge are being influenced by changes occurring in the relationship between translation and digital media. Students will also consider issues related to machine translation post-editing (MTPE), translation memory, and other Computer-Assisted translation (CAT) tools. The course offers practice sessions through which students may develop basic skills in subtitling and other forms of translation on media platforms.

ENG425 언어습득론(교직) (Introduction to Language Acquisition)

Students of this course study and analyze theories on language acquisition. They also apply what they have learned to the development of effective ways of teaching English.

ENG424 영어논리및논술(교직) (English Rhetoric and Essay Writing for EFL Teachers)

Based on a comprehensive understanding of textbook knowledge on English education, students will undergo the training required of an English instructor to put this knowledge into use, think logically, and solve problems creatively.

ENG4412 미국 사회와 문화 (American Society and Culture)

This course aims to give students both an overview and in-depth understanding of American culture and its current issues through readings of key texts on American politics, history, economy, and technology and content in other mediums (movies, visual art, news broadcasts, etc.) as well as the ability to read, speak, and write at an advanced level of English. The course ultimately aims to lay the foundation for cultivating experts of the United States who have excellent language abilities and a profound understanding of American culture.

ENG449 영미문학과 영화 (English Literature and Films(Capstone Design)

Students of this course will compare and contrast British and American literature and film. The focus will be given to the processes of converting a novel into a movie, a movie into a novel, and a script into a movie as well as creating a movie on the life of an artist.

ENG464 통역연습(캡스톤디자인) (Interpreting Practice (Capstone Design)

This course focuses on helping students enhance their practical understanding of interpreting and improve their interpreting skills. The course explores topics related to modes and processes of interpreting, interpreter’s competence, and the interaction between interpreting and technology. Students will also gain practical understanding of professional skills needed to carry out interpreting and knowledge on issues related to interpreting, such as interpreters’ ethical awareness and social responsibility.

ENG429 영어담화분석(캡스톤디자인) (English Discourse Analysis(Capstone Design)

This course explores how discourse or text (a linguistic unit that is at least two sentences long) is created and/or used by the speaker during an interaction from diverse perspectives. More specifically, discussions will be held on the nature/types, components, and role of discourse in the communication process as well as the relationship between discourse and cognition, systems, and culture. Students will also learn how to use the corpus, a popular analytical area in linguistics today, in discourse analysis through the methodologies and programs of linguistic research and diverse real-life examples and eventually produce their own discourse research outcomes.

ENG436 현대미국 산문과 픽션 (Modern American Prose and Fiction)

Students of this course will explore diverse reenactments and interpretations of the modern human experience through recent works of American prose and fiction. They will also develop their own methods for interpreting texts that are currently widely-read in the United States (newspapers, magazines, essays, prose, novels, etc.) to gain a better understanding of textual re-creation and interpretation.