Career Information

Aptitude and Interests

  • Passion for and Interest in English
  • Interest in English books, British/American literatures, & movies and their cultural/historical context
  • Passion for learning English; interest in sociocultural characteristics of English-speaking countries

Affiliated Majors

  • Department of English Language and Literature
  • English and Global Studies
  • Business English
  • Tourism English

Related Licenses

  • Interpreter/guide for tourists (English)
  • Guide for domestic travel agency
  • Certified public translator


Tour guide, tour coordinator (for overseas tour groups), immigration officer, airline employee (boarding), duty-free sales staff, cruise ship staff, tourism product developer, hotel employee (front desk), medical tour coordinator, flight attendant, diplomat, overseas sales representative, international cooperation-related staff, trade/shipping company employee, public information officer

Linguist, secretary, marketing division employee, travel agency employee, foreign Language teacher, study abroad consultant, foreign language instructor at the academy, news anchor, magazine reporter, journalist, closed caption producer, broadcast journalist, translator, newspaper reporter, copyright agent, interpreter