Welcome Message

Welcome to Ajou University’s Department of English Language and Literature. English Language and Literature is an area of study in the humanities, which is all about exploring human nature and realizing human-centric values. It provides instruction in linguistic, cultural, emotional, and philosophical thought and uses the English language as a medium for discovering oneself in the world.

The Department of English Language and Literature, based on the high level of English proficiency of its faculty, provides academic knowledge and practical skills in various areas (English linguistics, English literature, British and American culture, Translation and interpreting, English education, etc.). It has traditionally produced experts not only in education but also in a wide range of other sectors, including news media, publishing, PR, advertising, research, event planning, and finance.

The Department of English Language and Literature will continue training students in English, the language of the global age, and cultivating leaders of our future through on-campus programs with diverse majors and practical skill development.

Once again, welcome!

Son-Moo Ryu
Chair, Department of English Language and Literature