About Ajou Law School


The Law School of Ajou University was established in 2008 to actively respond to the new legal education system as well as the need for overall innovation to follow up with rapidly changing conditions of the world. With respect for humans, practicality, and globalization as its visions, the Ajou Graduate School of Law specializes on the small and medium business law. To realize its visions, the school aims to cultivate lawyers who not only values justice and social responsibilities, but pursue creativity and innovation. In addition, it aims to produce lawyers who demonstrate global competence with their specialized knowledge on foreign law

Based on its excellent faculty members and facilities, the Law School of Ajou University will function as the gateway to produce a number of legal experts in the field of corporate law, making social contribution to the expansion of legal services.

The Ajou Graduate School of Law aims to cultivate lawyers who can deal with complex legal conflicts professionally and effectively, with deep understanding on humans and societies as well as respect for freedom, equality, and justice.