Academic Programs

Course introduction

Educational Goal of the Law School
    • Corporation Dispute Resolution
      Special Field Advanced practical courses
      The consulting practice of emterprise legal affairs, Remedies for intermational transaction damages, etc.
      Practical courses
      Practice on the small and medium business law.
      Extracurricular program
      Internships, club activities related to enterprise law, etc.
      Advanced courses
      Creation and succession of small and medium business, Law of technique protect for small and medium business, Merge and acquisition law, etc.
    • Public, Civil, and Criminal Dispute Resolution
      Advanced practical courses
      Criminal advocating practice, The practice of civil affairs advocacy, criminal evidence law and practice, etc.
      Practical courses
      Law practice
      Extracurricular program
      Practical training at social volunteer organizations, legal offices, local governments, and public institutions.
      Advanced courses
      National security and human rights, Seminar on the Victimology, Offender treatment law, etc.
    • Dispute Resolution of the Multinational Corporation and Individual cases
      Advanced practical courses
      Taxation of international transaction, litigation practice of international transaction, etc.
      Practical courses
      International exchanges, Training program at law firms overseas.
      Extracurricular program
      Internships at global enterprise, Global legal studies related to corporation, etc.
      Advanced courses
      Civil and criminal procedure, Introduction of Chinese law, Comparative legal study on corporate governance, Real property law, etc.
  1. Comprehensive appraisal courses
    • Lawyers who serve the justice and values voluntary service
    • Lawyers who seek creativity and innovation
    • Lawyers who fully exert international capabilities
  2. Basic courses
    Theory and practice in human rights, Particulars of Administrative Law, Property law, General principle of criminal law, Philosophy of law, Torts, etc.
    Basic theories
    Constitutional law, Civil law, criminal law, Corporation law, Civil and criminal procedure, etc.
    Basic practices
    Legal writing, Legal research methodologies, Judicial ethics, Moot court.
  3. Various professional knowledge and experiences

Course description

Course description
Course Group Descriptions No. of courses
Theoretical course Basic Required theoretical courses to acquaint non-lawyers with basic background in public, civil, criminal, and corporation law. 7
Fundamental Basic legal principles and cases in each field. 19
Advanced Elective courses to meet new legal demands and reflect emerging academic trends. 91
Practical Course Basic Required practical courses. 6
Advanced Elective courses to have students become familiar with procedures and ways of law appliance in practical cases based on legal knowledge. 21
Comprehensive appraisal course
  • To make students have comprehensive dispute-resolution abilities through integration of theoretical and practical instructions as well as that of the substantive and legal procedure law.
  • To appraise a performance goal of educational courses.
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