Called “Wonchun Academic Hall”, the Student Residence Halls of Ajou University accommodate 2,400 students in four modern buildings, which accounts for 27% of the total students attending Ajou University. All international students are recommended to stay at Hwahong Hall, which is a building mainly used for international students on campus. At Hwahong Hall, students can choose two-student shared rooms and four-student shared rooms according to their preference and budget situation. At Hwahong Hall, there are also many convenient facilities for students’ use such as a study room, shower facilities, small kitchen for cooking some snacks, laundry room, gymnasium, yoga room, TV room and many others.

How to apply for living on Campus

New Students: students should mark on the GSIS application form to stay on campus and the room style and also fill out the housing application form (Download) to complete the housing application to the University. GSIS office will reserve a room as students chose on the application form, and will ask the students to complete the payment upon their arrival to the University before the semester begins.

Current Students: students who already reside on campus will be asked to fill out an application form to stay another semester before the semester begins, by the dorm office. At all times, the application form is distributed to each student’s room to be filled out and to be turned in to the security office at the dormitory building.