There are many places to eat on campus. Besides the dormitory cafeteria, there are several eating places on the campus. Also, there are small snack areas on the first floor of Dasan Hall, Sungho Hall, Paldal Hall, and at the basement of Yulkok Hall.

Cafeteria Location Hours Food Served
Dormitory Dining Hall Dorm. Dining Hall 8AM-7PM Korean/Western meal
Sun In Jae Basement, Songjae Hall 8AM-7PM Korean home meal, bakery
Jonghab Hall 12th floor, Jonghab Hall 11:30AM ~ 6:30PM Korean home meal
Shinsegye 1st floor, Old Student Union BL 11AM ~ 2PM Korean/Western meal
Sungho Hall 1st Floor, Sungho Hall 9AM-8PM Snacks, Beverage
Dasan Hall 1st Floor, Dasan Hall 9AM-8PM Snacks, Beverage
Yulkok Hall Basement, Yulkok Hall 9AM-6PM Snacks, Beverage
Paldal Hall 1st Floor, Paldal Hall 9AM-8PM Snacks, Beverage
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* Need to purchase your meal coupon at the entrance of each cafeteria.