Ajou Service Center is located on the first floor of the New Student Union Building and serves the university’s students, staff and faculty members in various ways.

Residence Information

You can find useful information on boardinghouses and apartments close to campus, and check a list of registered boardinghouses and apartments and their rent and locations using the Internet or the Information Stand. If you want to rent a room, just register on Community/Ajou Crossroad/Residence on the Ajou University website.

Change of Address

Student’s Address Change: A student is able to change their address on My Page.
Guardian’s Address Change: A guardian(s) must submit a copy of Resident Registration to ASC, or call ASC (+82-31-219-1542~4) to request an address change.

Classroom Reservation
  • During Class Hours (09:00~18:00) : Administration (#105 Yulgok Hall)
  • Weekend/Holidays & Gymnasium/Athletics: Office of Student Services (#154 Yulgok Hall)
  • After Class Hours (18:00~21:00): Ajou Service Center (#152 Yulgok Hall)

Students apply for lockers, located in every building, through the Internet and are assigned to one by lottery.

  • One locker per two students.
  • Fee: KRW 3,000 per locker (for two students).
Location Number of Lockers
Dasan Hall 200
Locker Room on the 2 nd Floor of the Central Library 190
Women’s Restroom in the Central Library 150
Ground Floor of the Central Library (in front of Book Store) 140
West Engineering Building 50
Sungho Hall 110
Wonchun Hall 90
Yulgok Hall 100
Paldal Hall 120
Total 1,150
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Printout Stand

You can print out various documents related to academic affairs, including a graduation assessment table, curriculum checklist, transcript, class registration, and a notice for payment of tuition in the Information Stand located in the hallway of the Ajou Service Center.

Use of the Internet & Scanner/Fax for Domestic Use

You are able to search for information using computers in the ASC and send or receive documents using the fax machines without charge (restricted to domestic use).

Lost & Found

You can check the Internet for lost items that are kept by the University. Items that are not claimed by anyone after a certain period of time may be disposed of by the University