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COVID19 Prevention Measures Dear All International Students, With the new semester starting and diverse international students are continuously entering Korea, many COVID19 infected cases among international students have been recently reported by the Korean government, and the Ministry of Education in Korea strongly advised all universities in Korea to inform quarantine guidelines on a regular basis to keep the campus safety for all of our lives. It is very serious that an individual student complies with the quarantine regulations especially at a group residential areas like university dormitories. In addition, Ajou University has recently received a notification that a citizen or a student has taken a photo of a big group of students (more than 20) at the University dormitory and surrounding areas not complying with the quarantine regulations and reported to the City. As you all have been informed that the current quarantine guideline does not allow to have a private gathering of more than 5 people, and any violated person is asked to pay for the penalty of 100,000KRW. In particular, when any confirmed person(case) occurred due to a violation of quarantine regulations having private gatherings more than 5 people, the right to indemnity may be charged for the cost of medical treatment Office of International Affairs sincerely asks all international students on campus to aware of the seriousness of COVID19 for everyone's safety. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Regards, Office of International Affairs Change of Immigration Information For any changes in your immigration information, you must change within 14 days. On how change online, please check the attached files.

Student Life

Office closed during Lunar New Years holiday/ 설연휴 국제협력처 휴무일정 안내 (English/국문) [홍보] 수원시국제교류센터 - 수원-가오슝 대학생 화상교류(중국어) 참가자 모집 수원시국제교류센터에서 수원-가오슝 대학생 화상교류를 진행합니다. 관심있는 학생들의 많은 참여 바랍니다. 가. 모집기간 : 2021. 1. 4.(월) ~ 1. 18.(월) 나. 활동기간 : 2021. 1월 ~ 2월 (주1회, 총4회 예정) 20:00 ~ 21:30 - 대학생Ⅰ반 : 1월 27일, 2월 3일, 2월 17일, 2월 24일(매주 수요일) - 대학생Ⅱ반: 1월 28일, 2월 4일, 2월 18일, 2월 25일(매주 목요일) ※ 상기 일정은 참가자간 상의 후 조정될 가능성 있음 다. 모집인원 : 총 10명 라. 모집대상 : 주소지가 수원시인 대학생 또는 수원권 대학교에 재학중인 대학생 마. 활동내용 - 대만 가오슝시 대학생들과 한/중국어(번체자)로 다양한 주제에 관해 프리토킹 ※ 매월 참가자간 희망주제 선정 바. 신청방법 : 구글폼(https://forms.gle/vrsgu3kZogTNhvw36) 신청